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  • Who am I?

    I'm a sports-mad, globetrotting chap with a love of the wild, the west coast and islands of Scotland, natural history, big bikes and all the good things in life...

    an optimist, an all-round-believer in no such thing as an ordinary life.

    I like to have a laugh, 😅😆😁 lots of laughs.
    I've had a full and varied work career; 30 years in the Police, Solicitor's Agent, Sports Project Coordinator,Tennis Coach, Bus Driver, Tournament Referee, Transport Manager at London 2012 Olympics, (what an experience that was!) 6 years working in Iraq as a Forensic Programme Consultant, Barman, Course Instructor, Truck Driver...

    dog lover, wind-up Dad and irritating Granda too!...visited over 50 countries...lived in London, Edinburgh, Iraq & the Highlands of Scotland...the list goes on and on !

    Experience all you can in life!
    I am now a romantic, fully trained husband and dad to a girlie Welsh spaniel puppy (Tanni)!

    AND a Humanist Celebrant available throughout Scotland.
    My Humanist beliefs are coupled with my vast experience of working with people in various roles for over forty years and have added, not only to my caring nature, but strengthened my strong interest in helping people. I've experienced tragedy and triumph and always look for the positives.

    Please contact me to discuss how I can make your day, your ceremony, extra special.

    Designed by you, for you. Your day, your say, your way. 💘

    Neil Lynch

    Humanist Celebrant


    my occasional ceremony escort

    isn't she simply gorgeous?

    love + love

    unforgetable occasions

    memorable days

    unforgetable occasions

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    if it's white, she'll get underneath it!..tablecloth...wedding dress...

    © Derek Christie Photography

    mystical days

    unforgetable occasions

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    Love, love, love ❤️


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  • What do I do?

    I design and deliver loving, sincere & personal ceremonies for you; your say, your way, for your day

    ceremonies that are meaningful, memorable and enjoyable for you and your guests

    Why have a Humanist ceremony ?

    any time, any place, anywhere in Scotland !

    My non-religious ceremonies are a really happy occassion. Every ceremony is designed to your choices, to encompass your beliefs and requirements. Imagine a ceremony that marks a major life event in a way that is personal, sincere, and honest…

    Perhaps welcoming a much-loved baby to the world with a bespoke naming ceremony.

    Or celebrating a couple’s marriage in a way that is sincere, warm, loving and genuine, that’s about the two of them and their relationship, and is full laughter and perhaps a few tears too.

    Or a funeral that focuses on the person who had died and the life they led – not on the idea of an afterlife – but recalling the happy times, the loving times - and provides a dignified and sincere way of saying goodbye.https://www.humanism.scot/humanist-ceremonies/why-choose-us/



    Weddings & Civil Partnerships

    be different, be adventurous, be original !

    Your ceremony is designed especially for you, to reflect your

    individuality , your hopes and dreams.

    A humanist wedding ceremony gives you the opportunity to marry where you want, when you want and how you want. You can set the tone that’s right for you and choose your own words and music. From castles to beaches, from Scottish islands to candle-lit city hotels or even the intimacy of your own home, I can give you and your guests a wonderful Humanist wedding or civil partnership in Scotland. Scotland is one of only eight countries in the world where Humanist wedding ceremonies are legal, the others being Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland, Ireland and some parts of the US.https://www.humanism.scot/humanist-ceremonies/weddings_civil_partnerships/wedding-ceremony-ideas/

    photo; Copyright © 2018 Lauren McGlynn


    Vow Renewals & Commitment Ceremonies

    make it special, make it memorable, make it all about YOU !

    Your Vow Renewal Ceremony will be designed with you, for you, expressing your life, your love and your hopes for the future.

    You choose every aspect, every element, so that your ceremony reflects your individuality and uniqueness as a couple.

    Your Ceremony can be an intimate occasion with a small number of family and friends or part of a large celebration. It can be as formal or informal as you would like.

    You can hold your Ceremony where you wish. It can be an indoor or outdoor location of your choice: at a hotel or a village hall, in your home or garden, or at a special beauty spot. It is up to you!

    Welcoming & Naming Ceremonies

    let's all get together...:-)

    Naming ceremonies are increasingly popular as people recognise they can celebrate the arrival of a child not only with a party or celebration, but also with tradition, promises and sincerity. The arrival of a new child into a family is a very special time and you might want to celebrate with a baby naming. I would be delighted and honoured to assist you with some ideas which you may want to consider and aim to end up with a unique naming ceremony for your child or children that reflects you and you beliefs as well as incorporating an event which will be sincere, dignified and a lot of fun.
    I will provide you with lots of ideas and examples to help you decide what you would like to include in the ceremony as each ceremony is unique, tailored to your requirements.https://www.humanism.scot/humanist-ceremonies/naming/naming-ceremony-ideas/

    Humanist Funerals & Memorials

    recall the happy times, the loving times, the life to celebrate...

    The death of someone we know and love is often shocking and painful, even if it is expected.

    Humanist funerals and memorial services offer a personal and fitting way to say goodbye to those who have lived without religion.

    Humanist funerals bring people together to express sadness at the loss but also to celebrate the life lived. They focus sincerely and affectionately on the person who has died, paying tribute to the connections they made and left behind and the way they lived their life.

    Whilst a funeral director is the professional most likely to deal with the practical arrangements of a funeral, what type of ceremony you choose is entirely up to you. And since funerals themselves have no legal status, humanist funerals – like all others – can be held in a variety of places, although in practice most are held in crematoria, cemeteries or woodland burial sites.https://www.humanism.scot/humanist-ceremonies/funerals/funeral-poems-readings-music/

    Oops!...the perils of wearing a lightweight kilt in breezy Scotland!


    a tongue in cheek article ; 22 Reasons You Definitely Shouldn't Get Married In Scotland

    why have a HSS Celebrant?

    I want to introduce you all to Neil👋🏽 He is the best humanist celebrant, I know.

    He’s a specialist making it all about the couple and their love for each other - and the way he does it is just incredibly talented and creative

    Maybe it’s even more special when you’re not Scottish, as he is wearing a kilt and bringing all the traditions with him into the most beautiful surroundings of Scotland🌿

    You’re lucky if you get to book him though, he is a very busy man - of course 🙏🏽

    I hope to see you again soon Neil Lynch :-D

    Pernille Ølgod Photography - @pernilleoelgodphotography



  • A few examples of wedding vows...they're all here...romantic, funny, cheeky

    Bride you are the person I want to share my life with. I want to be the one to give you warmth when you are cold, comfort when you are in pain, joy when you are sad. I will care for you as you care for me, sharing equally in the responsibilities we both bring to our marriage. I will support you in all your endeavors. I give you my trust and promise to be worthy of your trust. I will remain by your side now and forever as your husband/wife. I groom accept you bride in marriage as my legally wedded wife.


    Groom I love you. You are my best friend. Today I commit myself to you. I promise to encourage and inspire you, to laugh with you and comfort you. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, when life seems easy and when it seems hard. When our love is simple, and when it is an effort. I promise to cherish you, and to always hold you in highest regard. These things I give to you now and forever as I bride accept you groom in marriage as my lawfully wedded husband.

    "Daniel - you are the person I want to build my life with.
    You are a kind, loyal, passionate person who I love laughing with.
    Your friendship and unwavering support is something I know I can rely on through good times and bad.
    I promise today and always to share your dreams and help you achieve your goals, working with you and never against you.
    I will care for you as you care for me, sharing equally in the responsibilities we both bring to our marriage.
    I understand that marriage will not always be easy but promise to celebrate the highs and am committed to working with you through the lows.
    I cannot wait to continue life’s adventure with you by my side.
    It is with a joyous heart that I take you as my husband and pledge my whole heart to you in front of our friends and families.
    I Erin accept you Daniel, in marriage to be my lawfully wedded husband."

    "Erin - You are my best friend and the person who makes me the best that I can be.
    I will always believe in you and be your biggest supporter in all things, to help you achieve everything you want to in life.
    I promise to laugh with you, have fun with you, play games with you, dance with you and share all of the good things that we have ahead of us.
    And, when you are tired, I even promise to rub your legs when you need.
    I will love you whenever we are together, and when we are apart.
    I cannot wait for us to start the next chapter of our lives together, building a home and a family together, wherever in the world our journey takes us next.
    You are all I could ever want and I love you with all my heart - and I promise to always be by your side as we face life’s challenges together.
    I Daniel, accept you Erin, in marriage to be my lawfully wedded wife."

    Now isn't that just beautiful! 😍

    "Today, I Kevin promise you, Jessica, that I will laugh with you (my favourite comedian) cherish your smile and kindness.

    Comfort your occasional vulnerability and support your determination and passion that runs within you each day. I promise I will try to support our family with you, in a house filled with laughter, patience, understanding, compassion and love. Let us be partners, best friends, and lovers, today and all of the days that follow.

    I vow not just to grow old together, but to grow together. I can't wait to live our journey. I will love you faithfully through the difficult and the easy. After all

    I belong with you,

    you belong with me,

    you're my sweetheart

    I Kevin accept you Jessica in marriage to be my legally wedded wife."


    "Today, I Jessica, promise you Kevin that I will love you faithfully and honestly through all of the good times and the bad, forever and always.

    You love me on the days when I forget to love myself and you support me in everything I choose to do. I promise to always listen to your advice, occasionally take it and never take you for granted. I will always be here for you when you need me, I will encourage and of course challenge you.

    I will do my best to be patient and forgiving and I’ll say sorry more, even though I’m always right. I’ll never stop trying to make you happy and I look forward to a life filled with friendship, love and laughter, with you as my handsome husband.

    I Jessica accept you Kevin in marriage to be my legally wedded husband."


    Bride, I didn't fall in love with you.// I walked into love with you,// with my eyes wide open,// choosing to take //every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, //but I also believe //we are only fated to do the things// that we'd choose anyway. //And I'd choose you; //in a hundred lifetimes, //in a hundred worlds, // in any version of reality, // I'd find you //and I'd choose you. // I Groom accept you Bride // in marriage //to be my legally wedded wife. (the mandatory legal bit) I give you this ring as a token of my love.


    I Bride accept you Groom// in marriage //to be my legally wedded husband. (the mandatory legal bit) On this day, //I give you my heart and promise, //I will walk with you, // hand in hand //wherever our journey //through life takes us. // May we have many adventures// & grow old together. I will give you all my love// from this day till my last //& promise to laugh with you in the good times //and cry with you in sad times. I will care for you, // stand beside you //and share with you //all of life’s joys //and all of its hardships //through all the days //and nights of our lives. I give you this ring //as a token of my love; //when you look upon it think of me.


    How to Make Your Own Vows Funny

    If you’re a humorous person, you can make your own vows funny by adding in a few personal promises. Make sure it’s something most friends and family can identify with. For instance, if your groom is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan, you can say that you’ll promise to love him in sickness and in health and even when the Steelers are losing.


    "I wish we had met each other sooner so we could love each other longer.".



  • Client pics & ceremonies

    happy days, days filled with love 💘😍

    Love is in the air...on the green & fairways to!

    31 August 2019 - The Old Course, St Andrews

    Chrissy & Chase flew in from the US for a week-long golfing vacation at some of the best golf courses in Scotland...and it just happened to be their 7th wedding anniversary while they were here. Today in fact - 31 August. So where better for two golf mad lovers to renew their vows than the Swilken Bridge on the Old Course at St Andrews. At sunset! Romance is fun for sure but true love is something special.

    Rachel & Michael tie the knot - and baby came too!

    31 August 2019 - Achnagairn

    what could be more beautiful than a beautiful wedding in a beautiful castle in beautiful Scotland - easy...have your beautiful baby with you! That's what Rachel & Michael from London did today...bringing their little princess Elaina who almost stole the show! I was so chuffed to be able to conduct their ceremony in the presence of so much love & laughs! Days like this are to be cherished. 💘😍

    A magical place - and a fairytale too

    28 August 2019 - The Quiraing, Isle of Skye

    Alanna & Brianna...all the way from Janesville, Wisconsin, to Skye, to search for their perfect location, the Quiraing, to declare their love and devotion to each other...for eternity. Two individuals with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one. LOVE wins.

    Thank you for the most amazing ceremony Neil! Couldn't have been more beautiful. Alanna
    Thank you for an absolutely beautiful wedding ceremony! Perhaps you will think I am being a "big sook", as you might say, but you are honestly phenomenal at what you do! Getting to know you over the last 6 months was so wonderful, and meeting you today was such an honor. You will be forever in our hearts, Tanni too! 💖 1000 thank yous!! Brianna 💘😍🌈❤️
    It was amazing!!!! Thank you so much. It was great meeting you and talking with you!!! Brenda - mum of Brianna -

    Sarah and Scott channel their love though their favourite movie

    17 August 2019 - Glentruim Castle

    Scott & Sarah from Inverbervie chose the pretty little chapel at Glentruim to have their wedding today. They've know each other since they were teenagers and had a boomerang relationship over many years - they were together, parted for a while but fate drew them back together. They belong together, they are made for each other and now that they're Mr & Mrs Larnach, they've pledged themselves to each other for life. Both Finding Nemo movie fans, we slipped in a few quotes to their secret & surprise ceremony script, including in their vows, which kept them on their toes and giggling too. Built as a family home in the early 1840’s by Major Euan Macpherson, Glentruim Castle & Cottages retain their traditional character whilst offering comfortable and elegant accommodations, surrounded by the Cairngorm National Park.

    A DOUBLE elopement wedding!! -


    13 August 2019 - Kilberry, Argylleshire

    off to Argyllshire for a double wedding elopement - TWO SISTERS! 😯...Nicola and Daryll followed by Angela and Brian, there in the sunshine 🌤they said their I DO's on the beach overlooking the isles of Islay and Jura...giggles, love and a few tears...😍

    Thank you SO much for yesterday. It truly was a perfect day for us. Your script was exactly what we wanted and more. Nicola & Daryll


    Two Mac's get together - a SuperMac!

    10 August 2019 - Drumossie Hotel, Inverness

    Adele MacPherson and Mark Mackenzie got married! They're both a bit weird at times, but they love it - and they make each other laugh all the time! A solid foundation for a lifelong love affair! Best wishes to you both! 💗

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you from Mark and I. You made the whole process so easy for us, made us feel like we could get through it all - especially through the ceremony haha. Also for taking extra time to help my niece that meant a lot. We have had nothing but compliments about the ceremony -some people had never been to a humanist wedding before and loved it & some said it was the best they’ve ever been too! They said that you were fab and the way you delivered it made it so special. We totally agree. Thanks again for making our day so special. We definitely chose the best.

    Adele & Mark


    lochs & mountains as a backdrop

    8 August 2019 - Fort Augustus

    Talk about living in the moment…Tricia & David from Toronto decided to marry here in the wild outdoors, to celebrate their love of nature, the wild landscape and their Scottish connections, in a beautiful place evoking wonder in TriciaT and nostalgia in David. (He's a Scot, she's Canadian). Two people so much in love and so right for each other - they are meant to be with each other. And today was a time to pause, look back, and smile at all the moments that brought them here. And a time to look ahead at all the moments that are still to come.

    stunning venue for a stunning couple

    7 August 2019 - Sligachan, Isle of Skye

    The situations I get myself into for crazy photographers!!
    😯🐶 But it was all good fun and such a pleasure to marry Jen & Mike from Boston US 🇺🇸, at this place, in the natural world, inspired by the rugged landscape and awe inspiring beauty, evoking wonder. We all have our own love stories. Some are short, others long. Some are yet unwritten, while others are just getting to the good part. There are chapters in all of our stories that are sad or disappointing — and others that are exciting and full of adventure. But today was quite simply all about their own love story. Smiles, laughs, happy tears of emotion...Congratulations Mr & Mrs Fanning. ♥️
    All pictures & dodgy situations © Penny Hardie & Rosie Woodhouse


    A Sanctuary for peace, tranquility - and LOVE!

    6 August 2019 - Findhorn

    what a lovely place for a ceremony...The Sanctuary & Quiet Garden at the Findhorn Foundation, a place of fond memories, peace and tranquility for Jacqui...she spent her childhood there, so a very meaningful place for she and her soulmate Mark to pledge their love, devotion and commitment to each other. It rained throughout but that didn't matter - they were pleased it rained. Lots of hugs & kisses, handfasting and a surprise piece of music to end with for Mark. A day in which it was a pleasure to be part of. ♥️

    a little bit of oo-la-la...& amour!

    4 August 2019 - Glencoe & Glen Etive

    They say no-one does love & romance like the French...and no-one does weddings like HSS Celebrants...so bring them both together, Claire & Benoit from Sauchay near Dieppe and "moi"...and we have a typical Scottish wedding in the Glencoe/Glen Etive hills, with rain, midges, sunshine & rainbows, loads of l'amour & laughs, happy tears, readings in French...och!...we had it all! ♥️🇫🇷🏴 Vive la France! Vieille Alliance! Picture © Pernille Olgod

    the wedding with the WOW! factor

    3 August 2019 - Fasque Castle

    Wow! And wow again! What a venue! What a day! What a wedding! Lois & Scott from Aberdeen celebrated their nuptials in a spectacular way today ... just the way they wanted! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kelman

    a place for learning - a place for love

    1 August 2019 - Glasgow University Memorial Chapel

    an interesting day to say the least...not often I'm asked to conduct the ceremony in English with some Spanish thrown in. But that's what the lovers wanted - so I did! Mexican beauty Bianca met her Scotsman beau in Doha where he's been working and living for 7 years.....she'd just arrived. They struck up a friendship which developed into a romance. And today, they were married in the beautiful setting of Glasgow University Memorial Chapel. We had music, singing and readings from friends and relatives, dads participated in the quaich ceremony with single malt and tequila (a marriage of spirits!). There were plenty of laughs (some at this gringo's efforts at Spanish I'm sure), lots of joy and loads of love. ♥️ el amor hace girar el mundo! (Love makes the world go around)

    in the garden, with sun, babies, dogs & love = perfect

    27 July 2019 - Innes House, Elgin

    A sunny day for a wedding in a great venue. So many lovely personal touches by the couple for their reception and ceremony, their wee dog their ring bearer, bride Sarah read a beautiful heartfelt poem to baby Amelie, Mother’s gift ceremony to Sarah and Iain’s mums...babies and dogs, poetry and love...it was all so perfect.❤️

    same place - different couple - same amount of love though.

    21 July 2019 - Innes House

    back again at this wonderful place for the wedding of local couple Gemma & Lee. A simple, brief ceremony with much humour and love. Fantastic cake, beautiful dress worn by Gemma. But the point of a wedding isn't the historic venue or the expensive food. It's not the lavishly decorated cake or the dress that's only likely to be worn once. The point of a wedding is love. ♥️ Congratulations Mr & Mrs Adams!

    white sand, turqouise seas...

    19 July 2019 - Eriskay, Outer Hebredeas

    sun, white sand, turqouise seas, two young lovers and close family and friends there to celebrate their love in a simply idyllic place (lots of local spectators on the surrounding hill though - it's not every day there's a Humanist wedding on an Eriskay beach!) . Stornoway girl Stephanie Macleay and Falkirk man Stuart Harkins did it their way, with laughter and love. And plenty references to Star Wars & LEGO! Steph looked fabulous in a dress she designed herself! And Stuart and his team even cleared the beach of flotsam in the morning of the wedding!

    it doesn't have to be at 2.00pm on a Saturday!

    SUNDAY 14 July 2019 - Airth Castle

    A Sunday wedding today...for Laura and Gregor from from the Kingdom of Fife...to a Castle in Stirlingshire. And here they exchanged their vows and declared their love 💕. Their wee baby boy Lachlan was an unexpected bonus to the ceremony, ad-libbing and blowing raspberries during my presentation! 🤣 live long & love lots Mr& Mrs Murray! ❤️

    they took a break from their worldwide adventures - to get married!

    3 July 2019 - Glen Etive

    to the beautiful Glen Etive yesterday, for the early morning wedding of Hope & Sam. just the two of them with their good friends as witnesses, (and their wee girl Ava) in a place that was just perfect for them. Outdoors, in the wild, a place so special during their wordwide travel adventures. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hoy.

    simple, loving & memorable

    29 June 2019 - Mansefield Hotel, Elgin

    To the lovely wedding venue of the Mansefield Hotel, Elgin today, a short stroll (bliss) from home, to meet and marry a lovely couple, Karen & Lorn from the coastal town of Buckie. Their beautiful wee princess, Olivia, was a joy as she watched mum and dad promise their life-long love and devotion to each other in a simple but beautiful ceremony. Live long and Love lots Mr & Mrs Gardiner! ♥️

    Old Man of Storr is THE place for Christina & Chad

    27 June 2019 - Isle of Skye

    Christina & Chad flew in from Florida, to marry in a spectacular place they had fallen in love with before they arrived. A secret script awaited them...and the loved it too! A "warm" day as we climbed up to the Storr but the wonderful views, the warm congratulations of passers-by and the joy from the couple made it a special time in a special place. Congratulations Mr & Mrs McDonald!
    Lovely to see their photographer Margaret Soraya again.
    This is probaby the most famous walk on the Island of Skye and definitely the busiest. The ‘Old Man’ is a large pinnacle of rock that stands high and can be seen for miles around.
    As part of the Trotternish ridge the Storr was created by a massive ancient landside, leaving one of the most photographed landscapes in the world. The hill presents a steep rocky eastern face overlooking the Sound of Raasay, contrasting with gentler grassy slopes to the west.

    sunshine, a beach and LOADS of LOVE

    22 June 2019 - East Beach, Lossiemouth

    Louise & Andy on the east beach at Lossiemouth (they and the kids had the sand ceremony.) surrounded by family & friends and SO MUCH LOVE. Congratulations Lovers!💑♥️ Mrs & Mrs McBride

    Myself and Louise had the absolute pleasure of having Neil marry us in the most beautiful of settings , Lossiemouth east beach . The settings were good but what actually made the day was this man's personal touch. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much with his constant interjections of comedy gold throughout the whole service .
    The manner of his ceremony presentation was the talk of the hall in the after party .When I spoke of him at my speech and asked folk to join me in congratulating his performance, it was by far the loudest cheer of the night . Folk standing to clap .What a man , with his little four legged companion . I can say with my hand on my heart that this man made our big day so much more special than we could have even dreamed of . The personal touch from the ceremony right down to the sharing our love in a sand bottle . Everything was perfection locked in a bottle to keep .
    If you’re thinking of getting hitched ? Hey, this man will make your day .
    We can’t recommend him any more highly. Amazing man. Amazing day. Amazing memories to cherish.

    A massive thank you to Neil who conducted our service, it was just mind blowing and outstanding , just so so personal, I have never experienced such a service...you did amazingly, everyone was overwhelmed by it and it will never be forgotten. Louise.

    A castle, an owl and lots of love

    22 June 2019 - Dalhousie Castle

    Lynsey & Stephen at Dalhousie Castle near Edinburgh (the owl delivered the rings) surrounded by family & friends and SO MUCH LOVE. Congratulations Lovers!💑♥️ Mr & Mrs Wright

    Dear Neil We’re currently at breakfast in the Maldives reflecting on Saturday and we just wanted to say thank you for your part.
    It was a magical occasion and we were overcome with emotion (more me than Lynsey!) So many people have said what a great celebrant you were and the mix of humour and sentiment was perfect. The English side had not seen a humanist ceremony before and were impressed.My Dad is now researching humanism as he had never heard of it before, I think he is converted now!

    Nafez & David...just two guys in love

    The Highland Club, Fort Augustus 21 June 2019

    Nafez and David came all the way from Australia with daughter Zara to declare their love of one another in one of the most spectacular settings I have had the pleasure to visit, The Highland Club, formerly a Benedictine monastery at Fort Augustus. A beautifully devoted couple, so much in love. Two people in love is all that matters. ♥️ Husbands, soulmates and together forever.

    Thank you so much for an amazing ceremony and sharing this special day with us Neil. When we finally met in person we all felt so comfortable, it was like catching up with an old friend. Neil is an amazing Humanist Celebrent. We come all the way from Melbourne Australia to get married on the shores of Loch Ness in Fort Augustus and so the contact with him leading up to the wedding was a couple of FaceTime calls and a lot of emails. But he made us feel so comfortable with everything he did. His professionalism, his sense of humour and the way he cared about our day made it an amazing experience and one we will never forget.
    Thank you so much for being our celebrant.

    Fort Augustus Abbey, properly St. Benedict's Abbey, at Fort Augustus, was a monastery, from late in the nineteenth century to 1998. It owed its inception to the desire of John Crichton-Stuart, 3rd Marquess of Bute, for the restoration of monasticism in Scotland. The marquess brought the matter before the superiors of the Anglo-Benedictine Congregation in 1874, promising substantial pecuniary help in the establishment of a house in Scotland, with the understanding that when two other monasteries should have been founded they should all form a separate Scottish congregation. The suggestion was approved of, and the Anglo-Benedictine authorities resolved to incorporate with the Scottish monastery Lamspringe Abbey, in Hanover, which was manned by English monks from 1645 to 1803. Inadequacy of funds had prevented any lasting restoration of this house, but with the help promised by Lord Bute, it seemed possible to revive it in Scotland. Dom Jerome Vaughan, a brother of Cardinal Vaughan, was appointed to superintend the work, and succeeded in collecting from rich and poor in England, Scotland, and Ireland, sufficient means for the erection of a fine monastery a cost of some £70,000. The site at Fort Augustus was given by Simon Fraser, 13th Lord Lovat. It comprised the buildings of a dismantled fort, built in 1729 and originally erected for the suppression of Highland Jacobites. It had been purchased from the Government by the Lovat family, in 1867. The monastic buildings begun in 1876 were completed in 1880, occupying the four sides of a quadrangle about one hundred feet square. In one wing a school for boys of the upper classes was conducted by the monks, with lay masters, for about sixteen years. © WikipediA

    All the way from Australia to the Scottish glens

    19 June 2019 - Glencoe

    Tanni 🐶meets Tahnee 👰🏼in the Hidden Valley for an elopement wedding. (Tomi 🎩came too!) They came all the way from Queensland, Australia. Daughter Mishka tied the handfasting and the couple read lovely, intimate vows of commitment to each other. Spectacular place for Tahnee & Tomi to have their nuptials, congratulations Mr & Mrs Rooney!

    Thanks again for everything Neil, yesterday was the most incredible, beautiful day and we couldn't be happier to have been wedded by you 😁

    Jen & Guy come home to Scotland to marry

    15 June 2019 - GG's yard, Gatehouse of Fleet

    Jen & Guy picked the spectacularly beautiful venue of GG's Yard at Laggan for their nuptials. They met in Edinburgh 6 years ago, love blossomed and they moved to New Zealand. As much as they loved New Zealand, the pull of their friends and family at home proved too much, and they decided to return to Bonnie Scotland. Never ones to pass up a travel opportunity, they decided to take their time coming home, and have spent the last 6 months touring around New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands and South America before finally getting home about six weeks ago. A today, with family and friends, they celebrated their love, their life and their future together. Love is love. ♥️
    Such a pleasure to have the assistance of Jackie, Vicki & Julie & staff who make the whole experience memorable.

    Sarahjane & James...special touches

    8 June 2019 at Logie Country House

    Sarahjane & James tied the knot with lots of personal and unique touches in their ceremony. Sarahjane entered to a specially composed and original piece on the pipes by Pipe Major Julie Brinklow of Thistle Piping entitled "It's About Time", the couple presented lovely, personal gifts of appreciation to their respective mums early on in the ceremony, James delivered his self composed vows impeccably and it all went down a storm with lots of laughter and a few happy tears.

    Simply the best Neil. Thank u for making our day one we will never forget. James

    a Scottish castle wedding for Sarah & Kris

    4 June 2019 at Logie Country House

    first visit to Logie Country House for me today, a Scottish Castle and Estate dating back to 1492. Here to meet Cupid and conduct the wedding of Sarah, a local Aberdeen quine and her beau, Kristopher, from Glasgow. The weather fairies 🧚‍♀️were kind as the rain 🌦stopped 10 minutes before the start time. Sarah was ready to go, cool and relaxed, as Kristopher stood nervously at the alloted spot in the inner courtyard. Just 20 minutes later, before the rain came on again, after big laughs and a few happy tears during the vows, they were Mr & Mrs Wesencraft. Evereybody say Aawww! 😍 F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S...Best dress of the year for Sarah!
    The House, built in 1680, is set at the foot of Bennachie, overlooking the river Urie, which runs across the front lawn. It is surrounded by fields and woodland which are frequented by Deer, Otters, Red squirrels and Owls. The house and new purpose built ballroom are available as an exclusive use wedding venue. The house has an indoor infinity pool, two kitchens, thirteen bedrooms (sleeping 30) and five entertaining rooms. Outside there is an inner and outer courtyard, two hot tubs and a private island. Not a bad place for a wedding eh? Big thanks to Gillian & her team for making things go like clockwork.

    Now that the dust has settled from the best few days of our lives we wanted to get in touch to pass on our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for making our wedding day so special. From the minute you arrived on Wednesday you were a very calming and reassuring presence (essential when it looked like the rain might ruin our plans!) The service itself was an absolute joy, I never expected to laugh so much at my own wedding but it was everything Sarah and I hoped that it would be - and some.
    The feedback from our guests was outstanding - you clearly made a huge impression. Some of our older guests who had never been to a humanist wedding before were telling us it was by far the nicest and most touching wedding ceremony they had ever attended.
    I still can’t believe how the weather turned out exactly at 2pm and from that moment on it was literally the perfect day for us. So thank you for all your time and efforts both in the run-up to the wedding and at the wedding itself.
    We would like to wish you continued health, happiness and success in the future and we hope that we might have the opportunity to cross paths again in future, ideally at one of our friends’ weddings! Sarah & Kris

    Cupid calls in on another castle wedding!

    2 June 2019 Eilean Donan Castle

    back again to Eilean Donan Castle this evening,. to marry Maleeka & John from Australia. Just the two of them, in a simple, un-fussy but romantic ceremony.

    Mimi & Niall from Australia

    say their " I DO's"

    1 June 2019 - Elean Donan Castle

    a day of contrasts...wedding number 2 today, at Eilean Donan Castle...just 12 guests and a Piper, history, laughter, happy tears and lots and lots of love. 🥰Mimi & Niall from Australia did it their way, just the way they wamted it. And the photographer?...the wonderful Lynne Kennedy, first time we'd worked together.

    back gardens are just as good as castles!

    1 June 2019 parents garden in Garmouth

    A day of contrasts...wedding number 1 today...a village garden, 🌳100+ guests, 3 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls, music, laughter, happy tears and lots and lots of love. 🥰
    Mai-anh & James, living in Senegal, did it their way - just the way they wanted, it. And the photographers?...Emma & Struan whom I married just 6 months ago. Small world!

    they've come from Oregon - so weather is not a problem!

    30 May 2019 at Three Sisters, Glencoe

    It was a bit damp up Glencoe today, but it didn’t dampen the love 💕 of Olivia and Brandon from Oregon as they declared their commitment to each other with close friends and family in attendance. Lots of laughs and a few happy tears. Magic! 💕

    love in paradise...aka Loch Coruisk

    29 May 2019 Loch Coruisk, Isle of Skye

    Paloma and Rory decided to have their nuptials at this beautiful, magical almost mystical place today. Just them, their photographer (David) and my wife as a witness. You can see why...and the love they have for each other. Congratulations Mr & Mrs O’Toole!

    love, laughter and the biggest smiles!.

    25 May 2019 Bachilton Barn, Perth

    First time here...A nice rural setting for the wedding of Lisa & Phil...and they did their I DO’s with much laughter, fun and happy tears!💗

    Neil was absolutely fantastic with my husband and I from the moment we had an initial call with him right up until our wedding day.

    He helped guide us towards creating a service that was truly unique to us and every single one of our guests commented how lovely the service was. Neil managed to find the perfect balance of humour and compassion on our wedding day - something I imagine he balances on the advice of the couple! - and he (and Tanni!) were fantastic.

    He kept us right, kept us calm on the day, and was a genuinely lovely person to work with. Thank you Neil , LISA & PHIL

    love, tradition & history combine...

    24 May 2019 Signal Rock, Glencoe

    One historic place for a wedding 👰🏼 🎩 ❤️ And just the place for Seema & Luke from Tampa in Florida to pledge their love and commitment to each other. Unique? Personal? Intimate?...yep, all of that and memorable too! 😍
    Signal Rock is located within the woodlands of An Torr. A National Trust site of beauty, there are many stories linked to Signal Rock but it is most famous for its connection to the Glencoe Massacre. This rock is said to be the place where the signal was given for the attack on the MacDonalds of Glencoe. The story claims this is where a fire was started at 5am to give the signal to the soldiers to begin the vicious attack on the village, but local experts claim this is not correct and the rock was used for other purposes. The rocks original title is “Tom a Ghrianain” meaning the knoll of the sun, and it is said that Druids used this rock because it’s a great location to view the rising of the sun and the sun setting and used for worshiping the sun. It is also claimed that this was a meeting place of the MacDonalds to reach in case of an emergency, or the site where a beacon would be lit by the clan to warn of any dangers and this could be another link to the Glencoe Massacre. Whatever the correct reason Signal Rock is still a historical location and deserves a visit

    a fairytale wedding with style & panache'

    23 May 2019 - Achnagairn, Inverness

    back again at the beautiful wedding venue of Achnagairn to marry a cool, calm and collected couple, Sandie & Ross from Longside in Aberdeenshire. The whole shebang was organised by the groom and he did well with his spreadsheets! And Sandie blew everyone away with her stunning dress! Lots of love & congratulations Mr & Mrs MacDonald! 😍

    Neil was the celebrant for our wedding. He was an absolute delight to deal with from the very start. Totally took on board everything we asked for and delivered a ceremony that was both personal and humourous. Every guest commented on how good it was and that they're definitely going Humanist for any future event. 10/10 would recommend Neil again.


    Natalie & Scott say their "I DO's"

    18 May 2019 - The Lodge on Loch Lomond

    Natalie & Scott got married today...hooray!....in a lovely venue with family & friends in a relaxed and loving ceremony. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Allan! ❤️

    Hi Neil, just a message to say thank you so much for Saturday. The ceremony was perfect, everyone was complementing us on how lovely it was and how great you were! 😊 Thank you for all your help and guidance over the past few months!

    From the moment we booked our ceremony with Neil he was always on hand to guide us and answer any questions we had. Our ceremony was absolutely perfect and so personal to us. Our guests absolutely loved it, we got lots of compliments! Natalie & Scott


    and I promise to love, honour and save you from spiders!

    15 May, 2019 - Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye

    all the way from Australia to the remnants of Castle Ewen at Fairy Glen, Uig, Isle of Skye for Jackie & Josh today...to pledge their love and commitment to each other in marriage...and for Josh to promise to protect Jackie from spiders!...as well as love her forever too of course!❤️

    Josh and I just wanted to say a very big thank you for everything you did on our wedding day! It was an amazing experience having you marry us, and a very Scottish one at that! Everyone commented that you were absolutely perfect, just that nice balance between funny and emotional, which suited us just right. We really appreciate everything you’ve helped us with in the preparation, and for your amazing communication throughout the whole process. I know Josh particularly appreciated the chat you had with him before the ceremony, as it helped calm him down a little. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to marry us!

    a place of learning, a place for love

    11 May 2019 - Glasgow University Memorial Chapel

    Amy and Martin first met in 2006 at the Garage Night Club on Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. Martin was out with friends and having a drink in the so called ‘cocktail bar’ (they called it Hanger 13). He saw Amy and went over to talk - and spilled a drink over her friend! 🥃– it was a purple drink and she had on white jeans!!! 😲How to impress a girl eh!? However, Amy & Martin struck up a friendship which developed into a romance – and last Valentine’s day after ONLY 11 years together - he proposed. ELEVEN YEARS??!!...and now today, at this beautiful place, they are united in wedlock.After 11 YEARS! 😆❤️. The History of Glasgow University Chapel. After the horrors of the First World War the University looked for a lasting memorial to its dead. Principal and Vice-Chancellor Donald MacAlister explains in the preface to the Roll of Honour how the University decided to build the Memorial Chapel for the fallen. "After due deliberation it was agreed, with the consent of all, that their memory, and our gratitude for their devotion, should be associated with the place of our corporate worship, to the end that their example might be enduringly impressed upon Glasgow students in time to come." The Chapel is located in the centre of the west wing of the main University building. The design was the work of Sir John Burnet and recalls the early Gothic period to blend in with Sir George Gilbert Scott's main building. The figures of Scottish saints around the pulpit are the work of Walter Gilbert and the remaining wooden carvings were designed by Archibald Dawson. The windows were designed and made by Douglas Strachan. Various donations and gifts were made to the Chapel, helping to make it a place of beauty for worship and a worthy memorial the University's dead. © University of Glasgow

    Neil, Thank you so much for the fantastic ceremony on Saturday, we both loved it. Every one has commented on how personal, and meaningful it was. So thanks again for your help in making our day so special.
    Mr and Mrs McGowan


    a romantic castle in the highlands

    4 May 2019 - Eilean Donan castle

    And a wee toddle up the road, for wedding #2, to this incredible place, so romantic, just perfect for the wedding 👰🏼 🎩 of Claire and Marton Botos, in the presence of close family and with a secret and surprise ceremony script...and they loved it!💕 a few laughs and a few happy tears too as they delivered their very special vows to each other.💗 And in a change of custom, Marton is taking Claire's surname in marriage! Good man!

    Neil was articulate, funny and warm. No question was to silly to ask and he helped us with little things like finding a local piper. He is a complete encyclopaedia of who can do what and where in Scottish weddings.

    We are a really laid back couple. We did the homework which Neil set (few questions about us) and left rest up to a complete professional. We asked for the service to be kept a surprise for us too and we were not disappointed. Neil created a complete bespoke service will laughter & tears joy along the way. We can not recommend Neil enough.

    Neil it was the most special and amazing ceremony. Your warmth & wit shone through. Many thanks for sharing our most beautiful moment Claire & Marton


    all the way from Japan to Skye for the perfect place to pledge their love in matrimony...

    2 May 2019 - The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye

    A magical, almost mystical place for today’s wedding of Carly & Takuya, who had just flown in from Japan yesterday. It was rather bleak as we ascended the Storr but the weather fairies were kind to us and cleared away the gloom to reveal a spectacular backdrop as the elopers whispered their personal, loving and intimate marriage vows to each other. And love was all around. 💕


    it doesn't get any better than a beach/woodland wedding for Linzi & Chris

    1 May 2019 - Roseisle forest & beach

    and it's a lovely day for a wedding here at the edge of Roseisle Forest overlooking the beach and the Moray Firth. One of my favourite places...and the place chosen by Linzi and Chris to declare their love to each other with just close family and friends (and a wee silent guest in a tummy) in a ceremony done just the way they wanted it. Personal. Intimate. In the wild outdoors. Peace, tranquility and lots of love. Magic. ❤️ It doesn't get any better.

    Jen & Andrew - they did it their way, with unique & imaginative inclusions

    26 April 2019 - Airth Castle

    so Jen & Andrew had their nuptials today, at Airth Castle. One of their bridesmaids today, Claire, was married by me last year - and Jen was one of Claire's bridesmaids then. And having seen Tanni's presence, Jen and Andrew wanted her on the guest list today too. The Diva 🐶duly obliged and sat quietly through the secret & surprise ceremony script. A couple of imaginative inclusions at the beginning and end of the ceremony, lots of laughs and a few happy tears too for this lovely couple. Two people so delightfully suited to one another, they have a connection. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Jude. Live long & love lots. ❤️

    Thank you so much for delivering what we can only describe as the most perfect ceremony for us. You got to know me and Andrew and every word you said was perfect. We got so many compliments about the ceremony and how it was personal and also funny. We are so happy we found you and also that Tanni got to be there. Thank you again for being part of our special day. Love Jen & Andrew x

    happiest bride ever!

    19 April 2019 - Loch Coruisk, Isle of Skye

    The sun shone, the dolphins played ahead of the boat on our way across, Rebecca & Craig laughed, smiled and showed that THIS day was all about THEM. They were eloping to be married in a loving, personal ceremony, just the two of them. They were both so happy to do things their way with a surprise script which kept them laughing all the way through the ceremony. And they showed just how much love they shared with hugs, kisses & lots of cuddles. 💞 Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lees - live long & love lots. ❤️

    We were so lucky to have Neil as our Humanist Celebrant at our elopement wedding on Friday. From the first time we contacted him he was so helpful and friendly. We met up with him a few months before and we felt so comfortable around him and knew instantly that we had made the perfect choice for our wedding. On the day we chose to keep our script a surprise and we honestly laughed the whole way through, it was so personal and you would have thought Neil had known us for years which was so lovely. We would highly recommend Neil to anyone and can not thank him enough for everything! Tanni was also the perfect guest. THANK YOU X.

    a wild and windy place, but Fairy Glen has magic too...and love for Kat & Al

    15 April 2019 - Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye

    Katrina and Alistair from Chicago had their nuptials at the top of a hill in the glen today, this magical, almost mystical place. Chilly it was, breezy it was, lovely 💕 it was too! Now husband and wife and soulmates for life! ❤️ Neil hasn’t married us yet, but he’s been an absolute rock during the process. It’s so helpful having someone guide you through. He’s incredibly responsive and will explain all your questions as best he can. Amazing service so far.

    Neil was great! He walked us through everything before and it was smooth and lovely.

    Rebecca & Andy say their " I do's"

    21 April 2019 - Seamill Hydro

    a relaxed and loving ceremony at Seamill Hydro for the wedding of Rebecca & Andy, where I officiated and was a guest too. Their tale is not something that would be made into a Hollywood blockbuster, but it still had all the right elements to make a great story. Staff at the Hydro were great, particularly Johnny Chisholm, the Wedding Coordinator and his staff who made us all - Tanni too - so welcome. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Thomson! 👏

    Nurses and Doctors - but they're in love, not playing games - Victoria & Avi

    10 April 2019 - Fenwick

    a particularly unique wedding on Wednesday, at the Fenwick Hotel, Fenwick, Kilmarnock, where sweethearts Victoria and Avichal pledged their love in a ceremony with just close family members. Intimate, personal and meaningful, it had the lot. They met on the hospital ward where nurse Victoria showed Dr Avi from day 1 how helpful nurses could be! ❤️

    We would both like to give a huge thank you again for your help with our wedding. From the first contact you really put our minds at ease. It was also great to meet you in person before hand. Your flexibility with things was much appreciated and we felt it really helped us all have a lovely day.

    a gorgeous backdrop for a fabulous couple and a wonderful wedding - Jeni & Adrian

    9 April 2019 - Loch Coruisk, Isle of Skye

    First visit of the year to Loch Coruisk today...the sun was shining, calm seas, a few seals and dolphins too during the sailing, love was in the air...Jeni & Adrian picked the perfect grassy knoll with stunning views down to loch to say their vows to each other. It was just a perfect day. 💞

    Music, a castle, cupid, lots of laughs...and love for Jen & Chris

    6 April 2019 - Airth Castle

    And today Jen & Chris celebrated their nuptials with lots of laughs, happy tears and big fun in a ceremony designed by them, for them, about them. And it was lovely. 🥰 By special request, Tanni came along too - behaved impeccably and got herself front and centre as usual! And it all came together at Airth Castle today. According to an account attributed to Blind Harry in 1298 William Wallace attacked a previous wooden fortification on this site to rescue his imprisoned uncle, a priest from Dunipace. A later castle was destroyed after the defeat of King James III at Sauchieburn in 1488. The southwest tower is the earliest part, dating to the period immediately thereafter. An extension was added on the east side in the mid 16th century. Airth Castle was owned by the Bruces, Jacobite sympathizers who were forced to sell after the failure of the 1715 rebellion. The castle is a major historic building that retains much medieval fabric. As such it is designated as a Category A building. The castle is said to be haunted and reported phenomena include: Sightings of a nanny with two young children who are said to have died in a fire at the castle. The sound of children playing being heard in rooms 3, 4, 9 and 23. Heavy footsteps can be heard outside room 14 before suddenly stopping and disappearing. People have also reported hearing cries and screams believed to be from a maid who was attacked by her master and left to die. Additionally, a ghost dog, with a predilection for biting ankles, is believed to roam the hallways. A groundsman reportedly haunts the lower floor of the castle. Aye, right.

    chills, laughs & finger-lickin' joy

    28 March 2019 - The Quiraing, Isle of Skye

    Oh, it was cold cold cold on the Quiraing today for the wedding of Cassie and Sam...Australia & England togetherness ❤️...so cold in fact their hands were blue, they couldn’t get the rings on and had to resort to that little known Scots tradition of licking the finger! So cold in fact that Dylan the photographer had to give Sam his jacket to save him from exposure! So cold in fact that even Tanni was looking for shelter! Loads of love and laughs despite the weather though. Caught Cassie good time with the little quaich/big quaich tease. Live long and love lots you lovely couple. 💕

    love, laughter and happy tears from both of them!

    23 March 2019 - Kingsmills Hotel, Inverness

    Chevonne & James pledged their love and commitment to each other surrounded by friends and family. Chevonne wore a beautiful dress, James cool as cucumber but both had stars in their eyes as they celebrated their love on the happiest day of their life.

    "May the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years."

    Neil conducted our wedding ceremony last weekend and we have had so many compliments for him from friends and family who were there. He set the tone for a lovely relaxed ceremony and put everyone at ease. I would definetly choose him for my next wedding 😜. 10/10 Neil Thankyou for everything.

    x Chevonne

    Arlene & Scott's wedding

    09 March 2019 - Stotfield Hotel, Lossiemouth

    a bright and breezy day, a lovely day for a wedding. I've known Arlene since she was a mad teenager, she used to babysit my kids - and I used to roll about the floor with her. To explain, she used to be an excellent judo player and when I was involved in the club she used to pummel me and the other dads! But I never anticipated conducting her wedding one day. And now today, I have much pleasure in declaring her married to her soulmate Scott and pronouncing them husband and wife and the new Mr & Mrs Pirie. Congratulations ! Live long and love lots.💞

    a special day in a special place for a special couple

    Dominique & Lee seal their love & commitment at Arnisdale, Glenelg 19 January 2019

    idyllic, isolated and tranquil...what a place to declare your love and commitment to each other, on the shores of a loch with surrounding majestic hills as a backdrop. That's what Dominique & Lee from Manchester did today...just the two of them. They read their self composed and intimate vows to each other, shed an emotional tear or two and held each other close. Love. ❤️

    Hi Neil

    Thank you one more time for conducting our ceremony,there's no words to describe how perfect and lovely it was... Really special, we will never forget this... 😊

    a beautiful winter's day in a magical place filled with love...perfect

    Sligachan, Isle of Skye - 6 January 2019

    it may have been gloomy elsewhere today, but not on Skye, not at Sligachan, where Charlotte and Nathan, eloping from Australia, were guided to a beautiful, isolated spot with stunning backdrops by Rosie @/LoveSkyePhotography/ A magical, almost mystical place, blue skies, soft light, a completely majestic yet intimate location where the couple exchanged their vows of commitment by a tumbling waterfall river. Just them, Rosie, me and ever present Tanni. And it was beautiful. ❤️


    Steph and Chris marry in beautiful Argyleshire

    01 January 2019 - Crear beach, Kilberry

    a wondferful wedding today, on the first day of the new year, in glorious sunshine on Crear beach, as we looked out over the sea towards the islands of Islay and Jura. It was here that a couple, so much in love and so right for each other said their passionate and romantic self composed vows to each other in marriage. But it's the proposal that was extra special, almost 2 years ago.
    Steph & Chris, snuggled around little Esme, reading one of her favourites, ‘You Choose’. A book they’ve read countless times and know off by heart. However, that night, on the final page, there was something different. As they scanned a series of illustrations of various beds, all had to ‘choose’ the one each would like best.
    Rather disappointedly, Esme declared, “Where’s the lady gone?” as she pointed at her favourite blue four-poster. “That’s weird,” Steph added, “I don’t remember a family in that bed….” Then she read what the rather handsome chap in the bed was saying, “Will you marry me? You choose!”
    It must have felt like a lifetime for Chris, waiting for Steph to catch on. In her defense, how could she have guessed that Chris would have contacted the illustrator of the book to personally draw the little family of three snuggled up in that bed. After much disbelief, Chris produced the most perfect ring. One he had designed himself, taking inspiration from Steph's little quirks – bumblebees and love hearts included. Of course Steph agreed - and all that brought them both to this special time and place today. Romantic? 10/10!

    Neil’s attentive approach to crafting a personalised and memorable ceremony for our wedding made our day a uniquely special occasion. My new wife and I can’t thank him enough for helping to ensure we never forget just how amazing our wedding day was. Steph & Chris


    Nikki & Tam declare their love for each other in a wonderfully personal vow recitation.

    21 December 2018 - The Vu, Bathgate

    here we are again, back at this special place for the wedding of two special people....Nikki & Tam from Glasgow. Lots of beautiful bridesmaids, lots of laughs, lots of kids, their wee girl Robyn was a star, and sister of the bride Debbie delivered a wonderful poem for the couple. Despite the adverse weather outside, the joy inside the venue was palpable, especially when the couple read their own, self composed vows to each other. ❤️🥰 Love, love love. Congratulations Mr & Mrs McCulloch.

    We chose Neil as our Celebrant for our wedding, we were so glad that we did! To say Neil was brilliant is an understatement. He brought our ceremony to life in a way that we had never imagined. We chose to let Neil write the script based on our ‘homework’ that he gave us, that was to tell our story and to give some information about us. We wanted to keep it a surprise and hear it for the first time on the day, we are so pleased we did it this way. Everyone was beaming, we laughed, we shed a tear or two and there was a tangible warmth in the room. Our ceremony was easily our favourite part of the whole day and this was unexpected. We thought it would be nice, we didn’t know we’d feel the way we did about it afterwards and not just us, our family and friends commented that it was the best ceremony they’d ever been a part of, that it was so personal, lovely and that they felt they really got to know our story from the beginning, all credit for that goes to Neil. Our wedding day memories will last a lifetime and we feel very lucky to have found Neil to be our Celebrant. A completely different level from the norm and an absolutely lovely, warm person. Nikki & Thomas McCulloch


    Fairy Glen...a mysterious almost magical place for Jamie & Kent to tie the knot

    27 November 2018 - Isle of Skye

    a breezy and decidely chilly location today for the wedding ceremony of Jaime & Kent from Walnut Creek, California. The weather did not deter them though as the hugged each other in the wind, looked adoringly at each other and exchanged knowing glances throughout the ceremony. The Eskimo has fifty-two names for snow because it is important to them; there ought to be as many for love. ❤️

    Neil, we were so glad for you to be part of our special day and honoured to be wed in your beautiful country. We will cherish our memories of you and your country for years to come...until we return!!!

    Jaime & Kent


    Holly & Lee, love, laughter and a couple of Doodles.

    20 November 2018 - Thainstone House

    and to Inverurie, to the Thainstome House Hotel, for the wedding of local couple from Elgin, Holly & Lee. They tied the handfasting knot using family tartans and sprinkled water from Findhorn (where Lee proposed) and the river Lossie in Elgin over the knot. Lots of love and laughter during the ceremony from their guests. They even brought their two doodles with them, appropriately dressed in floral collars. Nice. 😊🐕
    Live long and love lots Mr & Mrs Stephen! Congratulations.

    Thank you very much Neil, you were excellent. You made it a lot easier for me also, kept me calm and very accommodating. All the best and I will see you again some day, cheers.

    Lee Stephen

    Rafaela & Angus...Brazil & Scotland...two great footballing nations get together...;-)

    17 November 2018 - Pittodrie House, Pitcaple

    bem vindo a Escócia to Rafaela & Angus, to Pittodrie House Hotel at Pitcaple, where we gathered to witness and celebrate the marriage of Rafa and Gus following their wedding in Brazil. Much love, 😍 much joy, much happiness for this lovely couple. They just fit together, like pieces of a jigsaw. And they had an unconventional quaich toast to each other - with yoghurt! 😯 They do things differently in Brazil! viver muito e amar muito (live long & love lots).🇧🇷🏴

    Neil, We thought choosing a Humanist wouild be a difficult, time consuming task but as soon as we saw your photos and read your website - we were taken. You always had a smile on your face and kind words to offer. We wanted nothing more. Our ceremony was something straight out of our dreams, so full of love! You tailored every little bit around us and made us feel exactly the way we wanted to; free from pressure and comfortable. The moment was about nothing but what we felt for each other. Words will never be enough to thank you for everything, so please be assured that the ceremony which you conducted will live forever in our memories, always accompanied by a smile. We couldn’t have chosen a better celebrant! What a beautiful ceremony it was. Thank you and obrigada a million times for everything. Rafaela & Angus


    Crystal & Kris....their love spans an ocean!

    07 November 2018 - Loch Ness Country House Hotel, Inverness

    These two lovebirds were 1000's of miles apart geographically but their love brought them together - Crystal flew in from California and joined her beau Kris from Wick...and they married in an intimate and personal elopement wedding at Loch Ness Country House hotel. Both dog lovers, Tanni was there by special invitation...and rewarded with a new toy, Foxxy. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Davidson..live long & love lots.

    Thank you so much, Neil! You and Tanni made our ceremony so special and perfect, and Kris and I couldn’t be happier!

    Emma & Struan do it differently...do it their way...do it right!

    3 November 2018 - Gordon Castle, Fochabers

    My first visit to Gordon Castle, Fochabers for the wedding of the crazy and unconventional Emma & Struan. 😜. They chose the beautiful walled garden for the ceremony, with a lovely backdrop of maturing flowerbeds 💐🌸🏵️and a 100m long aisle for the bridal proccession! 😮. They laughed and joked throughout the ceremony, had a right old carry-on, ensuring everyone was relaxed and had fun fun fun. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Robertson. That was a good one! And a great choice as a wedding venue.
    Gordon Castle Estate, Walled Garden and the Gordon Castle Scotland brand are the results of eight years hard work by Angus and Zara Gordon Lennox since they took over the running of the Estate in 2008. Completed as one of Scotland’s largest houses in the 1770s by the Duke of Gordon, Gordon Castle is the spiritual home of the House of Gordon, one of Scotland’s oldest families. The estate nestles in the Spey valley, in the heart of whisky country, with a stretch of the Spey River running through the estate, which boasts some of the best salmon fishing in the world. The castle was used during the Great War as an auxiliary hospital for soldiers returning from the front and was then sold back to the Crown in 1938 following two successive deaths leaving the family with unmanageable death duties to pay. It fell into disrepair before being ‘rescued’ by war hero and much loved soldier Lieutenant General Sir George Gordon Lennox (grandson of the 7th Duke of Richmond and Gordon) after World War Two. He was forced to knock down much of the original house due to dry and wet rot, but he and his wife began the loving restoration, which Angus Gordon Lennox (Grandson of Sir George) and his wife Zara, continue today. Upon arrival they decided that an estate of such historical importance and significance had to be brought into the 21st century and was in dying need of renovation. The traditional activities of farming, accommodation and fishing are not enough to sustain it in the long term. A major diversification programme was needed. It was decided that the once traditional sporting Estate was to be transformed into a multi-faceted attraction for the community and visitors alike. Today, the Estate offers exclusive use accommodation in the Castle, self-catering holiday cottages, world-class salmon fishing, Walled Garden visitor attraction, natural children’s play area and a café serving delicious fresh food from the garden and local suppliers. The Walled Garden is an ongoing £1.2 million restoration and renovation project to breathe life back into this historic Scottish treasure. At over eight acres, the Garden is one of the largest in the country and once restored will be the largest fully productive walled garden in Scotland. Leading UK garden designer Arne Maynard has drawn up the design for its contemporary restoration. In its heyday, in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, it provided an abundance of fruit, vegetables, cut flowers and herbs for the Castle and Estate, and employment for many local people. It was laid mainly to raspberries in the 1950s and run as a commercial soft fruit farm during the latter half of the last century. In its best years over fifty tons of fruit were harvested. Eventually it became uneconomic and has since been kept on a low maintenance programme to preserve its integrity and the 249 espaliered fruit trees that line the walls. When Angus and Zara Gordon Lennox started the renovation back in 2013 the site was an overgrown field. Since then, the 15th century plot has been painstakingly restored. It's simply gorgeous now.


    Brig o Doon House

    12 October 2018 - Lynsey & Ian

    Lovely place for a wedding...👰🏼🎩❤️...the wedding of a lovely couple, Lynsey & Ian.. He was a bit nervous, she giggled throughout the ceremony...plenty laughs together, but the deep love they have for each other was evident. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Stewart. Enjoy the honeymoon in Mauritius! Set along the banks of the River Doon and across from the Burns Memorial Gardens, this tranquil hotel in an ivy-covered house is a 6-minute walk from the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum. Situated within an area of outstanding natural beauty, Brig o’ Doon House Hotel offers a sumptuous and relaxing retreat in the midst of historical Ayrshire, the very birthplace of Scotland’s National Bard, Robert Burns. The bridge is located near Alloway and crosses the River Doon. It is a single Arched Bridge, with a steeply humped span of 72 feet (22 m) and a rise of 26 ft (7.9 m). It has been repaired many times, most recently in 1978, and many parts of the stonework do not match. The Brig o' Doon, sometimes called the Auld Brig or Old Bridge of Doon, is a late medieval bridge in Ayrshire, Scotland, and a Category A structure. The B7024 public road is carried over the River Doon New Bridge of Doon, a single-arch stone bridge built downstream of the old one in 1816 to cope with increasing traffic.The old bridge was sold to the builders of the new bridge as a quarry for material, but money was raised to purchase the old bridge back, and the trustees of the new bridge decided to quarry somewhere else.The bridge is thought to have been built in the early fifteenth century. According to John R. Hume, the bridge was built by James Kennedy, who died in 1465, but the first recorded mention was in 1512. The bridge was described as "ruinous" in 1593. The bridge features on the 2007 series of £5 notes issued by the Bank of Scotland, alongside the statue to Robert Burns, that is located in Dumfries.

    "Thank you so much for Friday, the ceremony was perfect from start to finish and lots of people asked me where I found you! It was fabulous and couldn’t thank you enough! " Lynsey Stewart

    GG's Yard, Gatehouse of Fleet

    6 October 2018 Kath & Jason tie the knot

    back down south, to Dumfriesshire and GG's Yard again at Laggan Gatehouse of Fleet. Love this place, great place for a wedding, Vicki, her mum Jackie and the staff so helpful and welcoming. And today it was Kath and Jason who tied the knot there and are now the new Mr & Mrs Jootun. Congratulations!

    "From the first Skype conversation with Neil we knew we had chosen a great celebrant for our wedding. Neil is funny, warm and made us feel really relaxed about the whole process of writing our own ceremony which could have been daunting. Neil created a beautiful ceremony for us that was so personal. All our guests commented on how lovely it was and how great it was that Neil had clearly taken the time to get to know us as a couple. The whole ceremony captured exactly what was important and we enjoyed every second, every word meant something to us. Thank you so much Neil."

    The Principal, Edinburgh

    5 October 2018 Claire & James

    so today, I'm back in my home town, Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh, at the Principal Hotel on George Street (formerly the George Hotel) for the wedding of local couple Claire & James. 💘But before we begin...do you have the Schedule James?...🤔erm, no, Claire has it. Ok. Do you have the schedule Claire...erm, 🤔no, James has it. No he has not!...Oops, they say, it's back home! 40 minute taxi ride each way for the groom! Just so many things to remember, so many things. But we got it together, got the show on the road. They were both a wee bit emotional during the ceremony but both loved it! And were happy as ever afterwards. 🤗Problems?...no, no problem, we're flexible, we're adaptable. But...DON"T FORGET THE MARRIAGE SCHEDULE! 😳 Congratulations Mr & Mrs Mackenzie. 👩‍❤️‍👨
    The Principal Edinburgh George Street is a historic hotel, known for over 100 years as The George Hotel, located at 19–21 George Street in Edinburgh. The five townhouses on George Street that make up the hotel's historic core, Nos. 15-25, were constructed around 1780 as part of Edinburgh's New Town, to designs by John Young. They are now a category A listed building. In 1840, No. 19 George Street was remodeled by architect David Bryce, as the headquarters of the Caledonian Insurance Company. It is today the hotel's main entrance. For the past 200 years the property has been a prestigious address. In Georgian times the poet Robert Burns paid many visits to No. 25, as did the author Sir Walter Scott. In more modern times celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Omar Sharif, Jack Lemmon and Kylie Minogue have visited. And today, Tanni and I were made to feel very welcome by the staff - big shout out to Derek Christie Photography, great to work with, I'm looking forward to his official photographs.

    "Thank you so much to Neil Lynch for being part of our big day. You are one in a million, the service was stunning and the script you put together was beautiful we couldn’t have asked for more. Loved having Tanni there also such a lovely dog we are chuffed to bits she was part of our special day also. I literally can’t wait to watch it back when we get our wedding videos in. Highly recommended Neil to anyone getting married...I’ve already had people asking me for your details because of how amazing you were. We had a slight hiccup at the start when we left our marriage schedule at home so groom had to make a mad dash home for it- however Neil and Tanni kept everyone calm so many compliments about them! Thank you again🙌🏼❤️ lots of love Claire and Jamie xxx"

    The Quiraing, Skye

    4 October 2018 Kath & Brad

    Kathryn McConnachie and Bradley from Johannesburg, South Africa swapped an African summer for a Scottish autumn/winter to marry at the Quiraing with family and friends. And the weather fairy was kind...the hailstones didn’t arrive until after they finished reading their beautiful, self composed, loving and at times humorous vows to each other. We had a few laughs, the diva Tanni was in her element. Thanks to Danny Birrell Photography and Alan MacKenzie, Skye piper. And congratulations to Mr & Mrs Stephenson.

    If you're considering booking Neil as your celebrant - DO IT! We planned our elopement style wedding all the way from South Africa, and from my very first contact with Neil, he was incredibly friendly and helpful. He guided us through the process of getting married in Scotland and helped us immensely by putting us in touch with various suppliers. When we met him on the day, it felt like we already knew him. He was so calm and accommodating. His warmth and sense of humour were infused throughout the beautiful ceremony and set the tone for an incredible day. He helped us create something that was a genuine reflection of ourselves and our relationship. Our guests absolutely loved the whole experience. Neil, we can't thank you (and Tanni!) enough. You formed an integral part of what will be a most treasured memory for us and our families forever. Kath & Brad xx

    Duisdale House, Skye

    2 October 2018 Kate & Jarrod

    Lovely place for a wedding. The rain’s off, sun’s shining, gardens looking great - so that’s where todays lovers 💕 have decided to say their “I DO’s with close family and friends in attendance. Tanni is also a required attendee.🐶 Kate and Jarrod are from Bourkelands, a southern suburb of Wagga Wagga in southern New South Wales, Australia and have come all the way to Skye to tie the knot at the Duisdale House Hotel.
    It was a delight to work again with Rosie from Love Skye Photography today.
    Overlooking the Sound of Sleat — not far from the elegant curve of the bridge connecting the Isle of Skye to the mainland — Duisdale House Hotel sits on a hill in an isolated spot with lovely views. This Victorian former hunting lodge has 18 stylish rooms, many of which face the sea. During warm months yachts tie up at the hotel’s five moorings and there’s an unpretentious Chart Room bar, popular with both “yachties” and guests. Duisdale House Hotel started life in 1865 as a Victorian hunting lodge before being converted into a hotel in the 1900s.

    Hi Neil, Thanks so much for everything yesterday, it was just lovely! Will definitely keep you posted with photos etc! All the very best, will be in touch soon (and love to Tanni)


    Mansfield House, Elgin

    28 September 2018 - Eilidh & Ross

    For the wedding of local couple Eilidh & Ross .💗Their beautiful wee girl Bella almost stole the show but helped relax them both - she was a star! ⭐️ And the look on Eilidh’s face with the big quaich tease! Marvellous. 😆Congratulations Mr & Mrs Smith! Great to work with Nikki Morgan from Fledgling Photography again.

    "We can not recommend Neil enough as a celebrant. He made both of us feel so relaxed and our ceremony was beautiful, funny and made to feel so personal. He is extremely professional and a genuinely lovely witty person. Thank you very much from Mr and Mrs Smith. X"

    Innes House, Elgin

    22 September 2018 - Victoria & Aaron

    And yet more 💕 love at Innes House, for the wedding of Forres lovers Victoria & Aaron and where two hearts intertwine to become one. Stunning dress worn by Vicky who was a little nervous, both she and Aaron a wee bit emotional. To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Mclellan !💘

    "On behalf of my husband & I, we honestly can not recommend Neil enough, he was amazing from start to finish! It was an answer pleasure having Neil as our celebrant. We both turned up to the ceremony a nervous wreck & as soon as the ceremony started, he put us both at ease. Neil was an absolute dream to work with. The amount of praise I have had from everyone about the ceremony is unreal, that’s all down to you Neil! Thank you so much for everything, you really a star ⭐️"

    Elgol in Skye...family love

    17 September 2018 - Krista & Stephen - and baby Lucy too!

    a little thatched cottage on the south west corner of Skye near Kilbride today, that's where I am...for the elopement wedding of Krista & Stephen, all the way from Alberta in Canada with beautiful baby Lucy. It may have been lashing rain and strong winds outside but the warmth of their love kept us all cosy today. It was going to be at Loch Coruisk...good decision to change the venue. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kendell. 😍

    "Neil was professional yet easy going and friendly. We felt like we’ve known him forever which made our day even more personal. It was a wonderful afternoon. Thank you Neil!"

    Bogbain Farm, Inverness

    9 September 2018 - keep it simple

    for the wedding of Iona and Liam...a young couple so much in love, so devoted to each other and so looking forward to spending the rest of their life together. They asked Tanni 🐶to bring the rings forward, which she did perfectly...then checked out Liam in a rather personal way! "I'm a married man!" exclaimed Liam...😂Lots of laughs, loads of love, they're like two pieces of a jigsaw, they fit together perfectly. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kay. A lovely couple. 😍

    "Myself and my new hubby cannot recommend Neil enough, he was amazing from start to finish in planning our wedding vows. Neil is a wonderful man and so smart and in tune with others. We really felt he managed to draw out of us what was needed for our ceremony and he is a joy to work with. I wish Neil the best of luck in his job as a celebrant, he truly is amazing at what he does and feel honoured to have had him (and the adorable Tanni!) as part of our wedding. X"


    Glenmore Forest, Aviemore

    11 September 2018 - beautiful woodland setting

    for todays wedding of Kat & Huw from Loughborough, in the wonderfully natural woodland setting of Glenmore Forest, with just the sounds of the birds and the breeze to hear. They are as weird and goofy as each other and share the exact same sense of humour. But they are SO much in love. Kat's understated dress illustrated her natural beauty, Huw, ruggedly handsome, relaxed and casual, they read their own composed and handwritten vows to each other...it was simply magical. True love stories never have endings. 😍

    Picture © Dylan Kitchener


    Love flies at Innes House, Elgin for Kayleigh & Chris.

    25 August 2018

    second wedding of the day...Saturday...to Innes House, Elgin for the wedding of Kayleigh & Chris. Outoors in the garden, rain threatening but stayed away and the sun came out. Pre-match nerves from both of them but they relaxed once we started. Their self composed vows were simply beautiful. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Noble


    two weddings in one day - first to Lossiemouth

    25 August 2018 - Kristy & Josh tie the knot

    first wedding of the day...Saturday at Lossiemouth for the wedding of locals Kristy & Josh. They've known each other since they were kids aged just 6 & 8 years old. But it was many years later when they started dating, they fell in love and now they're married! Smiles, giggles and loving glances throughout the ceremony. Young love eh? Congratulations Mr & Mrs MacLeod


    The Barn at Barra Castle for the wedding of Amy & Jonny

    18 August 2018 - Old Meldrum

    Aberdeenshire today for the wedding of Amy & Jonny...to Barra Castle, an unusual L-plan tower house dating from the early 16th century, about two miles south of Oldmeldrum, above the Lochter Burn. It occupies the site of the Battle of Inverurie (1308), in which Robert Bruce defeated John Comyn, Earl of Buchan.
    Husband and wife team David and Sarah Stephen (aka Sarah Mack, tv broadcaster & presenter) are behind the magic that happens at Barra Castle. It’s not all that unusual to have a bit of a gap between getting the keys to a new property and actually settling in, especially when there are a lot of outstanding repairs to be made. But it took fully seven years before Sarah and David could even think about moving into their new home in Aberdeenshire.Together they renovated their much-loved family home, the 16th century tower house Barra Castle, and now they are on a mission to share this unique setting with visitors and guests. And a perfect place for a wedding. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hay!

    "Hello Neil, Amy's mum here. Just want to say how fantastic the wedding ceremony was. Thank you so much! The day was wonderful from start to finish and the venue/location stunning. More importantly Amy and Jonny just radiated happiness. Many thanks. PS I remember you organising tennis tournaments at Elgin. Ros Wright."

    "Neil, I have known Amy since she was a baby and this was the perfect wedding. Kate Heathcote."
    "Neil married our daughter on Saturday. We had her assurance that Neil was good. He was excellent. He made the ceremony so beautiful, relaxed, sincere and all about Amy and Jonny. It moved me to joyful tears - his words with the backdrop of mellow Aberdeenshire countryside were perfect. I would recommend Neil wholeheartedly. He's fun!"

    Eloped all the way from Australia to Skye...

    08 August 2018 - Flodigarry Hotel, Skye

    For the wedding of Melissa and Allen, who have eloped from Australia, just the two of them. Allen had proposed at Edinburgh Castle in the most romantic way ever. Fortunately the rain stayed away long enough today, the midges too!...the sun shone and their love 💗 blossomed, illustrated by their deeply personal and self composed vows. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Mentiplay. 💕
    The Flodigarry has been a hotel since 1928 and the famous sea view is almost endless towards the majestic Torridon mountains and is equally impressive towards the iconic Quiraing. Flodigarry is a scattered settlement on the north east side of the Trotternish peninsula on the island of Skye. The small island of Eilean Flodigarry lies less than 1 kilometre off the coast with Sgier na Éireann just beyond to the north east. In 1750 the Jacobite Flora MacDonald and her fiancé Allan MacDonald were married and lived in a cottage in Floddigarry. In 2008 the singer KT Tunstall was married at the Flodigarry Hotel which abuts the cottage.

    "Neil was both professional and also personable , made myself and my now wife very relaxed during our ceremony but this was due to his commitment of keeping in touch for months prior to our secret elopement to the isle of Skye , the time he took and the little touches and advice he offered was second to none, Neil was simply amazing and made our special day the best day ever, thank you Neil from both myself and Melissa"


    my good friends are now married!

    04 August 2018 - Eight Acres Hotel, Elgin

    A short trip for today’s wedding of Jessica & Kevin. And what a wedding it was!... with so many loving family & friends. Jessica and Kevin really illustrated their love for one another in a deeply personal and meaningful ceremony, a few laughs - and some tears too - and particularly intimate vows which they composed themselves and said to each other (oops! ...sorry Jess 😉). It was a joy to see their happiness combined with their love for each other and to contribute in a small way to their big day. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Stuart Btw - what a dress !...stunning!

    Neil, Thank you again for an amazing ceremony, and for hosting the day - you were brilliant. Every single person there said what a beautiful service it was and we couldn’t agree more. Jessica & Kevin

    With the kind permission of the couple I have reproduced their self-composed vows here, to illustrate how original and personal they can be;

    "Today, I Kevin promise you, Jessica, that I will laugh with you (my favourite comedian) cherish your smile and kindness.

    Comfort your occasional vulnerability and support your determination and passion that runs within you each day. I promise I will try to support our family with you, in a house filled with laughter, patience, understanding, compassion and love. Let us be partners, best friends, and lovers, today and all of the days that follow.

    I vow not just to grow old together, but to grow together. I can't wait to live our journey. I will love you faithfully through the difficult and the easy. After all

    I belong with you,

    you belong with me,

    you're my sweetheart

    I Kevin accept you Jessica in marriage to be my legally wedded wife."


    "Today, I Jessica, promise you Kevin that I will love you faithfully and honestly through all of the good times and the bad, forever and always.

    You love me on the days when I forget to love myself and you support me in everything I choose to do. I promise to always listen to your advice, occasionally take it and never take you for granted. I will always be here for you when you need me, I will encourage and of course challenge you.

    I will do my best to be patient and forgiving and I’ll say sorry more, even though I’m always right. I’ll never stop trying to make you happy and I look forward to a life filled with friendship, love and laughter, with you as my handsome husband.

    I Jessica accept you Kevin in marriage to be my legally wedded husband."


    woodland weddings are so special

    03 August 2018 - The Dell of Abernethy

    A bit more local today for the woodland wedding of Bailey and Matthew who have eloped from Florida USA. What could be more wonderful than a woodland wedding?...the sights, sounds and scents of the great outdoors, The Dell of Abernethy, nestled within the Cairngorms wilderness of Speyside with just wildlife for company, for the rustic wedding of your dreams. We had a short walk to a little knoll within the woodland, lots of ground nesting birds nearby, dappled sunlight filtering through the Scots pine trees...the aroma was wonderful...all very romantic...it was another world from some of the more touristy parts of Speyside! Proprietor Polly does an amazing job of welcoming her guests to this peaceful and tranquil place and provides a unique setting that is so very, very special. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Karpay on your marriage - and for choosing such a unique place for your wedding. Woodland weddings are magical.


    the place where Royalty have been frequent visitors....

    28 July 2018 - Innes House, Elgin

    For the wedding of Anna & Fraser...second wedding of the day. Fraser asked her out on their first date with a chocolate love heart from Thornton’s. She couldn’t resist! (I’m not sure if it was Fraser or the chocolate heart she couldn’t resist!) All in all a wonderfully loving and family day in the spectacular setting of Innes House...the rain eased, Anna was stunning in her Vera Wang dress, Fraser was cool as a cucumber. The extensive walled garden and the house are magnificent settings and provide a romantic background for any wedding. And Mark Tennant, of the occupying family, even piped the couple back up the aisle after the ceremony. Big thanks to Jane, their wedding coordinator - she's just great to work with. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Strachan!
    Innes House was built by Sir Robert Innes between 1640 - 1651 and was the home of the Innes family until 1767 when Sir James Innes went bankrupt and sold the estate to the 2nd Earl of Fife - who spent a great deal of money on the house and estate and planted many of the superb trees which are in the parkland today. At the beginning of the last century the house was bought by Francis and Annie Tennant who considerably enlarged and modernised the house. Francis was the second son of the first Lord Glenconner whose grandfather invented bleaching powder. Lord Glenconner was one of the great Scottish industrialists of the 19th century who amongst other achievements had his last child when he was 85 - she became Baroness Elliott of Harwood and when she died in 1997 aged 98, her father had been born the year before the Battle of Waterloo! The House was completely refurbished by Mark & Hermione Tennant in 1997, who also created the ‘Garden Room’, or as they say: “Some houses have a Marquee in their garden, but Innes has a Garden in their Marquee!” The present owners of the house are Edward & Zoë Tennant - Edward represents the 5th generation of the Tennant Family to own Innes, making him the great-great-grandson of Francis Tennant.

    Photograph ©Tony Marsh.


    Cara & Iain marry on a grand country estate

    21 July 2018 - Glen Tanar estate, Aboyne

    The sun was blazing, glorious surroundings in the estate lower garden and family and friends gathered to celebrate the marriage of this lovely couple from Cheshire. There were lots of smashing kids, I did the wee quaich/big quaich joke, marvellous confetti parade and a ceremony full of love, laughter & tears. Marvellous. Congratulations, live long and love lots Mr & Mrs MIller!
    Stretching across 25,000 acres of Caledonian pine forests, heather-clad hills and fertile farmland, the estate was formed in 1865 when a merchant banker and MP from Manchester, Sir William Cunliffe Brooks, bought the land from the Marquis of Huntly. Brooks made many changes to the glen: he built houses and bridges, the Tower of Ess, the Victorian Ballroom and the landscaped gardens, all of which still stand proud to this day. In 1905, Glen Tanar was bought by George Coats, who later became Lord Glentanar. The present owners, Michael and Claire Bruce, are the fourth generation of the family to own and look after the estate. Today they manage a thriving and award-winning working estate, which comprises forestry, farming and conservation, as well as holiday cottages, outdoor pursuits and a nationally recognised Victorian Ballroom wedding venue.
    The magnificent Victorian Ballroom at Glen Tanar is simply amazing. Built by Glen Tanar's original founder in 1869, and originally the music room of Glen Tanar House, the unique Ballroom provides a spectacular space. From its vaulted ceiling adorned with over 700 antlers, to its original oak floors, the Ballroom is airy, atmospheric and spacious.

    Neil, can I just say a heartfelt thank you. Everyone commented on how beautiful the ceremony was. So many shared that you struck the right balance between humour and sensitivity. Even our 87 year old great uncle said that it's something he's never experienced before, literally. So different but beautiful.

    The ceremony was warm, jovial, sensitive, poignant. Neil had gotten to know us, he had a feel for us and this showed in the ceremony. We knew the outline of the ceremony as we had agreed it before hand but it truly came to life on the day. Neil owned it. The jokes were apt and the verses sincere. The Celtic traditions which we had chosen timed well. Neil knew how to conduct a wedding and it went smoothly. All commented on how wonderful the ceremony was, including many who were only experienced in more traditional weddings.

    So, thank you Neil for helping our day be as splendid and magical as it was. I will always remember your key role. We do hope our paths cross again.Thanks again, Mr & Mrs Miller


    Jennifer & Gordon tie the knot

    20 July 2018 - Aultbea

    a smashing wee wedding today in the community hall at Aulbea, Wester Ross for Jennifer & Gordon. The bride's sister Fiona did a fantastic job of decorating the hall - the place was festooned with wild flowers and beautiful it was too- and then walked Jennifer down the aisle to her beau Gordon, waiting nervously. It all went well though, their kids Aiden and Connie enjoyed participating in the sand unity vase ceremony. Almost the entire community turned out for the wedding...this place will be rocking tonight!

    "Thank you so much Neil, for an amazing ceremony. We loved it. So many people have commented on how lovely it was; the words and your delivery. It was everything we hoped for and more. Thank you so so much. Jennifer Coatsworth"



    Courtney & Doug from DC...

    16 July 2018 - Eilean Donan Castle

    The wonderful wedding of Courtney & Doug from Washington DC. Eilean Donan is a magical, mystical place for a wedding for sure, so much history here. And romantic too. Some people say Eilean Donan is the most beautiful castle in Scotland and it is recognised as one of the most iconic images of Scotland all over the world.

    Photograph © Sean Bell

    "Dear Neil, I cannot thank you enough for celebrating with us on our wedding day and for doing such an incredible job placing us in the moment and making it extra special. We have watched the video of the Tie the Knot ceremony over and over again. I have attached a few pictures and we hope you like them. Remember you always have a place in the US! Sincerely, Douglas and Courtney Troyer"


    A McGowan marries a MacNeill at Eilean Donan Castle

    03 July 2018 - Eilean Donan Castle

    All the way from Ontario in Canada with just close family & friends...to this mystical, mysterious and almost magical place, Carissa & Rory found the perfect place to declare their love.

    Neil, Thank you so, so much for putting together the perfect ceremony. We truly could not be happier with how it went - and your sense of humour really pulled the whole thing together. We travelled from Canada to be married at Eilean Donan Castle on July 3rd of this year. We could not have asked for a better person to marry us. Thank you Neil for putting together a ceremony that was so personalized and true to us. We so appreciate all of your guidance and humour during the entire process, straight through the ceremony. Thank you!! Carissa & Rory.


    fast boat to a secluded coral beach...and a lovely wedding for Lynne & Stevie

    10 June 2018 - Coral Beach, Dunvegan

    Well, today's wedding transport for the couple, guests and me was different...exhilarating even, as we sped across Loch Erghalan on an inflatable rib to the Coral Beach at Dunvegan. The breeze in our hair, the spray thrown up...And there, with just close family, Lynne and Stevie were married. The vows they exchanged were different from the each other, very personal and unique.
    These outdoor weddings in special places are just wonderful. So too was the love evident with this smashing couple. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Binnie! And the midges stayed away! Hooray!
    "Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction."
    Although some of the very best beaches in the world are located in the Outer Hebrides and on the mainland of north-west Scotland, great expanses of white sand are not to be found on Skye. But there are beaches of various kinds around the island, and some of them are very fine in their own way. One such place is Coral Beach, Dunvegan; even though it’s called Coral Beach, it’s not really coral. It is crushed bleached skeletons of Red Coralline seaweed (also known as Maërl).
    Out on the reef by the Island of Lampay Coralline grows very slowly at 1mm per year. There are also many different and colourful shells on the beach.

    "We cannot thank you enough for the kind and beautiful words you shared today with us. We have had the most perfect day and so glad that you agreed to marry us, you were fantastic as was Tanni. Thank you again x Lynne"


    a secret garden in Perthshire...and a DOUBLE celebration!

    The Byre at Inchyra - 9 June 2018

    The sun is shining, I’m in the beautiful walled garden, all is quiet except the birds singing...all will change shortly with the wedding of Sara and Matthew. What a fantastic place to have your wedding ceremony! All weddings 👰🏼 🎩 are special but this one was even more so..,for Sara and Matthew invited Sara’s mum an dad Carol and Ian to share in their magical day by inviting them to renew their vows after 30 years of married bliss! So we had two ceremonies much to the surprise and delight of all the guests. Lots of laughs, a few happy tears and a bucketful of 💕 love 💕. What a day! Congratulations to BOTH couples.
    The Byre At Inchyra is a converted cowshed on the Inchyra Estate, Glencarse, Perth. And whilst that may not sound particularly glamorous, it has become a very popular place to get married. This estate and country house dates back to 1795 with the original cattle byre built in 1877. Lord and Lady Inchyra performed a complete transformation of the building in 2014.

    "What a day! What a day! What a day!
    Neil, Matthew and I want to thank you so much- your cheeky charm and professionalism won us over, you made us feel completely at ease and you made our ceremony so personal and just so wonderful, we were so blessed to share our day with my mum and dad who renewed their vows after 31 years of marriage which meant the world to both matthew and I but also to my mum and dad especially after my dads MND diagnosis a few years ago, which has been incredibly hard for the whole family so there was tears, but happy tears!! What a special moment I’ll never forget, Neil you made our wedding day something we shall never forget, so we thank you for that,
    Sara & Matthew, x

    Thank you so much to the wonderful Neil for doing such a fantastic job at our wedding on saturday, you made the day super special and really captured matthew and I's relationship perfectly, it was light hearted, very personal and just amazing!!! So thank you so very much...Sara

    Thank you so much Neil for a wonderful ceremony for my beautiful daughter and Matthew, a wedding to remember.
    Ian and are are also truly honoured to have had the opportunity to share our renewal vows with the happy couple. Happy day with many wonderful memories. Thank you 😊 Carol.x

    a beautiful day, a beautiful venue and a beautiful wedding for Sally & Colin

    2 June 2018 at Tullibole Castle

    They want to be able to look back in 50 years and say “I wouldn’t have changed a thing”. Lots of love and laughter during their ceremony - and they finished it all off as they sang with their guests, that beautiful song - Stand by Me by Ben E King. And walked back up the aisle to All You Need Is Love by The Beatles. Magic!

    two lovers in the wild setting of Glencoe - where a Bond movie was filmed!

    1 June 2018 - Glen Etive

    the things I do...I should have learned my lesson the last time they said "would you do our wedding at the riverside...it's just a short walk from the car park." Two hour hike in on rough paths and two hour stagger back on blistered feet after the ceremony at the foothills of the Cairngorms. I'll not do that again I said.
    Then Caro & Nils from Switzerland asked if I'd do their wedding in Glencoe today...at the riverside up Glen Itive...so we get there, nice easy drive. But the ceremony will be over the OTHER side of the river! So it's socks and shoes off (should've brought my wellies from the car), rolled up the trews and staggered and stumbled across the river...jagged stones and slippery boulders...ouch ouch ouch... but I got there eventually. And to be honest...it was worth it! For here we were in one of the iconic settings for the Bond movie Skyfall.
    So, Caroline wore a beautifully embroidered wedding dress from India, they exchanged rings specially commissioned in their home town in Switzerland and made of local metal, incorporating their initials and set with significant, local gem-stones.
    And they had not had sight of the ceremony script...they wanted it all to be a surprise! And they loved it! Now they are Mr & Mrs. The greatest thing you'll ever learn - Is to love and be loved in return.
    All in all, a lovely day in the sun in a spectacular setting with two lovers...what more could you ask for? Tanni was in her element paddling in the pools.
    It's no accident that Bond's family estate is located in Glen Coe. Ian Fleming, James Bond's creator, was reportedly so impressed by Sean Connery's portrayal of his most famous character in Dr No (1962) that he gave Bond some Scottish heritage.


    love, family, sun, sea & beautiful scenery, the Irish....what more could you ask for?

    31 May 2018 Neist Point, Isle of Skye

    A couple of Irish peeps from London got hitched today, Neist Point on Skye providing a lovely backdrop. The haar had lifted by the time I got there and the sun was shining. Anne-Marie and Pat were on form, plenty laughs, (including at my expense when I slipped up during the vows.) (Oh, and Pat was troubled with a fly in his eye )All in all a lovely family day. Congratulations Mr & Mrs McLafferty! 💖 ☘️ ☀️ Fa’ilte
    Two souls with but a single thought,Two hearts that beat as one.

    "Dealing with Neil was a pleasure from the initial contact to the end of our wedding ceremony. He was helpful and informative. He conducted the ceremony with warmth and professionalism and an amazing personal touch. We couldn't have had anyone else do such a stellar job. Neil, thank you for an amazing wedding - everyone was blown away. It was perfect. Anne-Marie & Pat"


    Let's get married on the beach...but what a beach!

    28 May 2018 - Scarista, Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrideas

    I'm here at Scarista on Harris for the wedding on the beach of Danielle & Ashley from Edinburgh with just 4 guests and two dogs (theirs and mine). A simple ceremony with only their siblings and respective partners. They wrote their own vows which along with a couple of readings were handwritten into a lovely journal to keep for posterity. A lovely keepsake.
    The Isles of Lewis and Harris are incredible islands on the edge. They have beautiful, unspoilt beaches, rugged hills and mountains, a fascinating array of fauna and flora, a rich history, exciting recreation and wonderful culture, not forgetting art, music and crafts including the world famous Harris Tweed. And today I'm at Scarista the lovely golden sandy hebridean beach on the west coast of Harris in The Outer Hebrides. The place looks out towards the uninhabited island of Taransay (used in the famous TV series " The Castaways). The views looking out from Scarista beach are stunning - a pretty sparkling sea, the Harris hills, golden sands stretching for three miles. Along the way in to the beach in the summer is the beautiful machair carpet of wildflowers.
    This place is simply magical. "To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”

    "Thank you so much for being our celebrant Neil - we loved our ceremony, it was absolutely perfect. We're so happy! Hope you and Tanni enjoyed your couple of days in Lewis and Harris, it's so beautiful here! Danielle."


    outdoors by the river...let's tie the knot there!

    Sunday 27 May 2018 - Maryculter House Hotel, Aberdeen

    ...another gorgeous day, another fabulous venue and another couple so much in love 💖 and SO right for each other. Congratulations Ashleigh and Rorie, and thank you - it was a pleasure and an honour to be part of your special day.
    Maryculter House Hotel is one of the most famous and historic hotels in Aberdeen located on the banks of the River Dee and overlooking the Golf Course of Peterculter. With a classic reputation for hospitality, from the building’s founding in 1227 by the Knights Templar, this location has been offering hospitality to travellers from far and wide for many years. “I fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once.”

    photo credit to @calumriddell

    warm sun, lochside, woodland...bliss

    Saturday 26 May at Loch Lomond Waterfront, Balmaha

    There is nothing more magical than holding your marriage ceremony on the banks of Loch Lomond amidst the grounds of an exclusive private beach. Tie the knot within feet of the water and the soft hues of Ben Lomond in the background. Whether you use a star shade marquee or opt for a full open air ceremony, you’ll start your married life in front of an unforgettable backdrop.

    ...Sarah and Dominic are now Mr & Mrs Fitzgerald. Congratulations! “Love is like a friendship caught on fire.”

    Neil, Thanks so much for conducting our ceremony on the banks of Loch Lomond. It was everything we could hope for and all just so perfect. We can’t thank you enough. Sarah & Dom xx

    See the link for a lovely wedding video from Candlelight Pictures



    Jade & Matt elope to Skye...

    24 May 2018 - Loch Coruisk

    No words...just young love 💖 for Jade & Matt. Sun, sea, spectacular scenery. What more could you ask for? "Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful."
    Loch Coruisk, at the very heart of the Cuillin, is the most magnificent of all Scottish freshwater lochs. Whilst you are very likely to get wet feet from the boggy terrain, this is a small price to pay for the superlative mountain scenery along the way. If walking only one side of the loch, the south side has easier going and the best views.


    Kirsty & Richard...it all started witn a crazy foam party!

    21 April 2018 at North Berwick

    Castleton Farm, North Berwick - a wonderful venue complete with spectacular views to Tantallon Castle, the Bass Rock and North Berwick Law, 3 of the most iconic images of East Lothian, you really cannot get any closer. And I’m here today for the wedding of Kirsty & Richard.
    They were just friends for a couple of years - then one night there was a crazy foam party at the University. They got to know each other a lot better, there was suddenly a mutual attraction and they found they had a lot of common interests, particularly sport. From there-on they became a lot closer. The friendship developed into a relationship, then a romance. To use a phrase from one of their favourite TV programmes, Game of Thrones, it was at this stage that Richard realised that Kirsty was the only woman he would bend the knee for. Aaawww.
    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Milne. Live long and love lots!

    "Hi Neil, We wanted to drop you a personal note to express our thanks and gratitude for making our wedding ceremony so special on Saturday.
    The service was perfect and we have had lots of positive feedback from our guests who both praised your delivery of the personalised service, and loved the little touches of hand fasting and rose presentation you suggested.We had the most perfect day and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to other couples getting married in the future.
    Thank you for all your help. Best wishes, Mr & Mrs Milne x

    Neil conducted our marriage ceremony on 21st April and we couldn’t be more delighted. We wanted a warm, relaxed ceremony that incorporated our family and friends and Neil completely met our brief. Neil was friendly and professional from the first time we met him and made the planning process very enjoyable! We would highly recommend Neil to anyone looking for a Humanist celebration."

    History, a castle, romance, daffodils and two young lovers = magic!

    14 April 2018 at Brodie Castle for Caroline & James

    A sense of history, a sense of occasion...Brodie Castle today...we're here to celebrate the love between and the marriage of Caroline and James, a couple of locals from Nairn. “We want to share in the journey of life together” they said...and their next step in the journey was to declare their love and commitment in the presence of family and friends today and seal their marriage with a kiss. James, cool as ice, Caroline a little nervous, smiling and laughing throughout. A wonderful day for a lovely couple in a beautiful setting. “ Love is meant to be an adventure. "Congratulations Mr & Mrs Forbes! Live long & love lots.

    Thanks so much Neil - we had the perfect day and so many comments about how much everyone enjoyed the ceremony! Caroline Whitehouse & James Monty Forbes

    This rose-coloured, turreted castle stands on land confirmed to the Brodies by Robert the Bruce. Today we stepped back in time to the castle’s glory days, when the Brodie family were one of Scotland’s most prominent families. It's widely accepted that the Brodies have been associated with the land the castle is built on since around 1160, when it is believed that King Malcolm IV gave the land to the family.
    I read the letter sent by Robert the Bruce about the chief of Clan Brodie’s argument with monks who lived nearby and admired the art collection. The castle houses a magnificent collection of furniture, ceramics and artwork, including works by 17th-century Dutch masters and 20th-century Scottish Colourists. It also boasts an impressive library containing over 6,000 volumes and the grounds are carpeted with over 100 varieties of daffodil.
    Acres of gentle Moray countryside surround Brodie Castle, ancestral home of the Brodie clan for over 400 years, although their family seat has been here since the 12th century.

    A grand countryside venue with Royal connections for the wedding of Becky & Phil

    31 March 2018 at Carberry Tower near Edinburgh

    Tanni & I on the road again...for the wedding of Becky & Phil at Carberry Tower, this romantic place with Royal connections. A couple so well-matched, so right for each other and SO in love.. a little nervousness, a few laughs and tears too...and so much love. 💖 Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ellis! "When the one whose hand you're holding Is the one who holds your heart"

    "Just wanted to Thank you for officiating Rebecca and Phil’s Wedding. You pitched everything perfectly and made the whole service so beautiful, personnel and special. Everyone commented on how wonderful it was , and how brilliantly you made everything flow. They all loved the explanations of the traditions and how interesting you made everything. Sorry about the Bride making the Groom wait 20 mins, but you helped to keep him calm and everyone relaxed. Once again, Thank you for everything Neil, You ( and your dog!) were amazing, Julie, Mother of the Bride, x x "

    "Thank you for making the service so special. I was very dubious when Rebecca said what sort of service they were having but it could not have been better. You put everyone at ease and made it so personal to them it was amazing. X Ethel Barker"

    One of the great Castle Mansion House of Scotland, Carberry Tower is situated just outside Edinburgh in beautiful East Lothian countryside.
    Standing regally in 35 acres of stunning, private Estate parkland and widely recognised as Edinburgh's 'Castle in the country,' Carberry Tower is a place of intimate grandeur and to arrive here, is to weave your own story into a history that goes back to 1480 when the first foundation stone was laid.
    Since then, it's been a gathering place for Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses and over the centuries, the great and the good have all come to warm themselves by the fires and feast from the banqueting tables. a long and proud Royal connection with Her Majesty the Queen, who often visited Carberry Tower with her sister Princess Margaret. The Queen Mother’s sister, Lady Margaret Elphinstone, used to live here and consequently King George VI, the Queen’s father, often visited with his wife, the late Queen Mother. During that period, the two young Princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret, enjoyed playing in the extensive grounds with their cousin Margaret, often accompanied by family and loved ones who joined in the fun and games.


    a romantic loch-side wedding with a mountain backdrop for Hannah & John

    17 February 2018 - Loch Maree , Wester Ross

    Mid-February Scotland is not renowned for warm weather...and it was freezing! Despite that, you could feel the warmth of the love between this couple who had been in a relationship for 15 years before deciding to tie the knot on the shores of Loch Maree in Wester Ross, in the northwest highlands of Scotland - and with just close family in attendance. Hannah wore a beautiful lacy wedding dress and braved the biting wind, John got the giggles during the ceremony - and everybody loved the simple, meaningful ceremony. 💘

    The waters of the loch were also thought to have curative effects, with being submerged in the water thought to be a cure for lunacy. All of the loch's islands are conservation areas. The largest is the only island in Britain to contain a loch that itself contains an island. Like Loch Ness, Loch Maree has its own monster in the form of the muc-sheilch. The loch is often referred to as the most beautiful loch in the Highlands. The loch is bounded to the east by Slioch, a mountain over 3000 feet high, and which dominates its surroundings. The area hosts golden eagles.

    "Good evening Neil,That’s us back safely in Glasgow after a truly wonderful weekend. We just wanted to thank you so much for delivering such a beautiful ceremony for us. We are genuinely so happy we found you and that you were able to be part of our special day!

    Our parents thoroughly enjoyed it too and we were all so sad you couldn’t stay for longer but understand you had a long way to drive home and warm up. We hope to have a party to celebrate with everyone later in the year and depending on the date, and your availability of course, we would love it if you could join us.Once again, thank you so so much!
    Hannah & John"

    Wild, wet, windy & wonderful Isle Of Skye Elopement

    for Jordan & Travis from Austin, Texas - 17 November 2017

    They say everything is bigger in Texas...well, this lovely couple from Austin were blown away (almost literally) by the dramatic big sky, the stunningly huge backdrop of the Quiraing and the full blast of a Scottish November afternoon. But it was all a marvellous accompaniment to the love they have for each other, the words they shared and the experience of standing there in this other-wordly place...just the two of them, lost in their thoughts and dreams. 💘💘💘It was certainly a day for the brave with an arctic blast to contend with...but a day to remember for sure. And Tanni made a welcome come-back too. Photo courtesy of


    Rock & pop lyrics in the ceremony for Mikaela & Richard

    20 October 2017 at Norwood Hall

    Norwood Hall, Aberdeen...built in 1881 on the site of the 15th Century Pitfodels Castle, offering guests the best in breathtaking Scottish scenery and fine facilities. The atmospheric, wood panelled ceremony room was positively illuminated when bride Mikaela entered, such was her beauty and her stunning dress...gasps from the guests, she and groom Richard very relaxed, lots of laughs. They selected the lyrics from a number of their favourite pop songs to illustrate their love; John Legend - All of Me, I Wanna be Yours, Arctic Monkeys, How Would You Feel, Ed Sheeran, You & Me - The Wannadies; a lovely original inclusion. Friends, lovers, soulmates and now married!
    "The greatest thing you'll ever learn Is to love and be loved in return."😍

    "Hi Neil, Richard and I would just like to thank you so much for your help over the past months and the ceremony yesterday. We had the most amazing day and the ceremony was just perfect. Our friends and family commented on how personal the ceremony was and you delivered it with the perfect amount of humour and seriousness so thank you so much.

    Yesterday was the perfect start to our next chapter. Kind Regards,
    Mr & Mrs Coutts"
    Photo by Calum Riddell Photography

    Let's run the Loch Ness Marathon first they said...

    25 September 2017 at Glenmoriston Town House, Inverness

    To celebrate the love ❤️ of Sarah Louise Grigor & Chris Cull. They're both as mad as a box of frogs, 🐸 they spread their wings and fly together. They share a passion for ultra distance running, they, and daughter Bethany, all completed the Loch Ness Marathon before the ceremony today (Sarah's 100th marathon!, Bethany's first marathon and Chris's first Loch Ness marathon). They are deeply in love, so right for each other. Their friends and family gathered to celebrate their love, their commitment and their future together - it was a joy to be part of their special day. So many wonderfully personal and decorative touches at the venue - an amazing cake! - and so much happiness for this lovely couple. Nothing can compare to the joy of being loved by the one who owns your heart, and loves you exactly the way you love them.

    "Neil - I would have had nobody else but you to unite us. You helped make it so perfect - and fun! So many people commented on it being the most touching and personal ceremony they have ever seen. We cannot thank you enough for being such a perfect part of it 💜"

    a stunning setting at Uath Lochans, Kingussie

    for the wedding of Leonie & Kev...19 September 2017

    The wedding of Leonie & Kev was held in a forest near Kincraig at one of the most spectacular settings I have ever conducted a wedding. They composed and read their own heartfelt ❤️vows to each other, just their mums in attendance, clear blue sky and sunshine ☀️ as we gazed over the lochan from several hundred feet up in the forest. Simply spectacular! 🌈❤️💍 Formed during the ice age 20,000 years ago, a mass of ice 1km high carved out the lochan and then melted, leaving what we see now. Shimmering pools, grand views and dragonflies in summer.

    a wedding spectacular at St Andrews

    Rachel & Anthony - 9 September 2017

    in St Andrews for the wedding of Rachel & Anthony...they first met at school, Anthony caught Rachel's eye which inspired him to ask for a teenage date...that led to love and marriage with lots of exciting adventures and travel in between. They composed and recited their own vows to each other, lots of active participation by guests with dads Martin & Charles filling the quaich, mums Dorothy & Caroline giving lovely readings, Bridesmaid Susie singing a beautiful rendition of My Love's Like A Red Red Rose...the couple spent a lot of time and effort in planning their wedding day and their very loving and personal ceremony. And it worked...simply a marvellous day.
    "Today I marry my best friend: The One I Laugh With, Live For, Dream With, LOVE."

    "Neil, thank you so much for making our ceremony so special. You really did a marvellous job and you will not believe the number of people who have said that it was the best ceremony they have been to. They have said that it was incredibly personal and loved the unusual ceremonial acts. Thank you very much. Rachel."
    Rachel and Anthony gave me permission to reproduce their self composed vows below, to illustrate how personal they can be;


    Rachel's vows to Anthony:
    "You are my home and my cosiness, you challenge me to think in different ways, you have exposed me to new experiences and you have encouraged me in every adventure that I have sought out whether that has been with you or alone. You have an incredibly kindness to others and a loyalty to your family and friends that I hugely admire. You keep me on my toes with your academic and career success which I find so attractive about you.
    I truly believe that you are part of me, we have shaped each other over these past 11 years and we have grown up together. We have experienced a huge amount together as well as a substantial amount at a distance from each other. I think it's a testament to our love and respect for one and other that we have given each other and ourselves the space to grow and to think as individuals but there has never been any doubt that we are one unit, a product of each other and deeply rooted together. You really are the most wonderful person I know. I love you so much my pal and I can't wait for the rest of our lives together."
    Anthony's vows to Rachel;

    "My pal, you look beautiful and today you’re making me the happiest I could ever be. We have done absolutely amazingly to be here, and we deserve all of this. You are everything to me. Having you by my side for the last 11 years and the knowledge that you will be there for everything we have coming up in our lives together makes me feel near invincible. You are a champion of people and it is that quality I have always admired and found the most amazing. You are the kindest person I have ever met. You will always find the best in people and make sure they know that about themselves. You’re smile lights up the room, as people know it comes from a person that is always happy. The effect you have on people is more than I think you will ever know. You do things for others rather than yourself without thinking and often don’t wait to see the affect it has on those people. I hope I can show you how much all those things, especially the little things you do without realising, mean to me.

    The fact that you have chosen me to spend the rest of your life, that I will have someone as caring, kind and beautiful by my side everyday makes me the luckiest person in the world. I love you my pal and I cannot wait for all that lies ahead."

    Magical, mystical, historical Eilean Donan Castle, a spectacular wedding venue

    for the wedding of Rachel & Lincoln 08 September 2017

    and today we're at Eilean Donan Castle, Dornie, Kyle of Lochalsh for the wedding of Rachel & Lincoln from Ohio, US 👰🤵😍🇺🇸🤗
    They met online, fell in love and decided on this spectacular venue for their wedding as it connected Rachel to her roots, the McPherson clan. A relaxed and loving ceremony with just close family and friends.
    "And after today you shall say to the world..."this is my husband"..."this is my wife."😍
    Eilean Donan is a small tidal island where three sea lochs meet, Loch Duich, Loch Long and Loch Alsh, in the western Highlands of Scotland. A picturesque castle that frequently appears in photographs, film and television dominates the island, which lies about 1 kilometre from the village of Dornie. Since the castle's restoration in the early 20th century, a footbridge has connected the island to the mainland. Eilean Donan, which means simply "island of Donnán", is named after Donnán of Eigg, a Celtic saint martyred in 617. Donnán is said to have established a church on the island, though no trace of this remains.
    The castle was founded in the thirteenth century, and became a stronghold of the Clan Mackenzie and their allies the Clan Macrae. In the early eighteenth century, the Mackenzies' involvement in the Jacobite rebellions led in 1719 to the castle's destruction by government ships.

    "Dear Neil, we both wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you've done for us. You've patiently walked us through a process that is foreign to us (both literally and figuratively!), you've taken the time to get to know us and make the beautiful ceremony you've written us personal - and you were always that kind, reassuring voice when we needed it. We are deeply grateful for all that you've done to kickstart our new married lives together on the right foot. With love, Rachel & Lincoln"

    this wedding meant SO much to the brige & groom - and me too!

    01 August 2017 at Fairy Glen

    they're all special, all unique...but this wedding 💘 at Fairy Glen on Skye was exceptional. For so many reasons. I really wanted to do it, they really wanted me to officiate. A deeply personal occassion. We kept some secrets. Clare and Drew with son Freddie and close family stood just off the roadside with a fast gathering of tourist spectators, intrigued with what was going on. Her dress was gorgeous, he was nervous to start with, she shed a few tears as she read a deeply moving and emotional poem to him; symbolic gestures were the four elements; air, fire, earth and water from a little teapot sprinkled over the incorporated handfasting ties made by Clare, candles were lit, wild flower seeds thrown to the wind, fine Scottish air filled our lungs in the sunshine. They've been through some tough times but today was the day that love overcame everything. By the time we finished and I declared them married, there must have been a hundred tourist spectators who had quietly formed a semi-circle and burst into applause. And I got a kiss from the bride too! 🤗 Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one. 😍
    Thanks to Norma & Roz at Euphoria Photography for great work again, it's a pleasure to spend an afternoon with you.
    A bizarre and delightful miniature landscape of grassy, cone-shaped hills, the Fairy Glen is a fascinating and otherworldly place to visit on a sunny summer's day.
    The Fairy Glen has no real legends or stories involving fairies that can be traced. The simple fact is that the location is so unusual it has been given the nickname Fairy Glen and is one of the most photographed landscapes in the world.

    "Neil really cared about our wedding ceremony. He was so thoughtful and put so much time and effort into it to ensure it was absolutely perfect. Then he delivered it beautifully and made us feel so relaxed so we could truly enjoy our day. I can't recommend him enough. So special. Now back at home reminiscing over everything- I have warmth, love and a deep feeling of contentment jingling right to the end of my fingertips and toes."❤️💙❤️

    Fiona and Martin marry on the farm

    22 July 2017...an Ayrshire country wedding for Fiona & Martin

    Barwheys Farm, Maybole for the wedding of Fiona & Martin...thankfully the rain stayed away until just 2 minutes after the end of the ceremony. But it wouldn't have dampened the spirits, no, not at all. Bridal entry music was the longest EVER!..😁 (technical hitch...someone shoot the piper please) but the couple didn't let it faze them, Fiona giggled until the music eventually stopped, Martin managed to dry his eyes (must have been hay fever?) and then they just smiled, laughed and looked adoringly at each other throughout. They did the sand ceremony and quaich symbolic gestures, had a couple of lovely readings, little Cleo the cockapoo dog delivered the rings...big guest list enjoyed it all.
    "Today I marry my best friend: The One I Laugh With, Live For, Dream With, LOVE."
    Barwheys is a dairy farm at Maybole in Ayrshire set in an idyllic country location and is perfect for intimate weddings and special events. A marquee can be erected on the flat lawn – just a few metres from state of the art kitchens where the wedding meal can be prepared. Barwheys is let on an exclusive use basis so you will have the whole property to yourselves in complete privacy. I believe this was their first wedding and I'd highly recommend this place.

    Good afternoon and welcome, välkommen och, god aftermiddag...

    15 July 2017 - Cullen Bay - for the wedding of Sabina & Pete...

    it was warm, even humid, at Cullen Bay today for the wedding of Sabina from Sweden and Pete from Garmouth. There were a few lips a-quivering, the odd tear and some perspiration too. But much love. Flower girl is a beautiful wee charmer, bridesmaids were gorgeous in their contrasting dress styles, bride was stunning👰🤵, groom was nervous but held it together - just 😊, and his mum Kay delivered a lovely reading (I'll use that again Kay) to cap it all off. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Mitchell. "Better than I was, More than I am, And all of this happened, By taking your hand."
    "Thank you so much Neil. Everyone commented on what a great job you did. We are not just saying this but we will be forever grateful to you and thanks for making our big day so special and we hope to keep in touch. All the best from the newlyweds and take care" Pete & Sabina

    a Scots Baronial mansion for the wedding of these lovers-since their teenage schooldays

    8 July 2017 - Laura & Craig at Carlowrie Castle 2017

    The sun shone, the wedding principals and guests were all smiling, super collection of kilts, the brides dress? - simply stunning. Laura and Craig paid great attention to every detail of their wedding, composed beautiful commitments and vows themselves. Even the pesky fly which kept alighting on Laura's face seemed to enjoy the occassion! And it was just simply, a lovely day full of love. They fell in love while still teenagers at school you know. 💞
    "In the garden of thy heart, plant nought but the rose of love"

    Historic Carlowrie Castle on Edinburgh’s doorstep is the unexpected home to an international collection of ‘Urban’ and ‘Pop’ art. The 19th-century mansion house set amidst a 32-acre estate just eight miles west of Edinburgh. The Castle’s owner, property developer and former resident Andrew Marshall, has sympathetically restored the house and its grounds to create a remarkably lavish retreat that blends rich heritage with modern elegance and luxurious comfort. The contemporary interiors, scale and proportion of the rooms provide a dramatic showcase for part of Andrew’s evolving private art collection.

    Bought by his father in 1982, the castle was Andrew’s childhood family home. In its entire history, Carlowrie Castle has only ever been residence to two families; Thomas Hutchison who commissioned its build, a successful wine merchant and one-time Lord Provost of Edinburgh who bought the estate from the Sinclair family in 1850, and the Marshall family. Designed and constructed in 1852 by eminent Victorian architect David Rhind, Carlowrie Castle is a striking example of a Scots Baronial mansion with grand stone façade, pitched dormers and high parapets.

    See link to a wonderful video by Adam Troup at Inspire Video; https://vimeo.com/228393451

    the wedding of Lynsey & Scott at Nigg

    17 June 2017 - History is made in a historical setting

    Nigg Old Parish Church was my interesting destination today - Nigg (from the Scottish Gaelic: An Neag meaning "the notch", referring to a feature of the hills above the parish church) is a village and parish in Easter Ross. It lies on the north shore of the entrance to the Cromarty Firth and I was there to conduct the wedding of Lynsey & Scott, a lovely couple who now live in Edinburgh. Simple ceremony with lots of family & friends participation, mums lit candles, some beautiful poetry read by a bridesmaid and more from a friend of the couple. Quaich ceremony with a quaich presented by an uncle, packed venue, lots of kids, loads of laughs and bundles of love.
    There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment. 😍

    The present parish church is an 18th-century building on an early Christian site dating back to at least the 8th century. The Nigg Stone, one of the most elaborate stone monuments of early medieval western Europe, is preserved in a room at the west end of the church. This late 8th century Pictish cross-slab formerly stood in the churchyard, but was moved indoors for preservation in recent years. The nearby manse is one of the oldest to survive in Scotland, dating back to the first half of the 17th century. It is now privately owned and no longer used as the parish minister's residence.
    Nigg Old has its odd and curious features. In the churchyard is the Cholera Stone, dating from the cholera epidemic of 1832. One of the elders, on coming out of the church, saw a cloud of vapour hovering above the ground. He believed it to be a cloud of cholera, threw a blanket or cloth over it and placed this large stone on top to keep it from escaping. And inside the church, according to one tradition, the beadle (church officer) allowed an illicit still to be kept in the space under the pulpit. I resisted the temptation to deliver the ceremony from the two-tier pulpit.

    "Neil, we both wanted to thank you for conducting such a lovely ceremony, the response that we had from our guests was very touching and many said that it was one of the nicest/hilarious ceremonies that they had been to."

    a beautiful summer's day...a super venue...a couple in love since they were teenagers get married...and they involve their lovely kids too!


    27 May 2017 - Debbie & Michael get married in Elgin

    and today's wedding 💍at the Mansfield Hotel, Elgin with Debbie & Michael. Beautifully romantic words of love 💘 in their self composed ceremony, a sands of life symbolic gesture with the kids and a glorious day in the sun to top it all off. Love is just a word until someone special gives it a meaning.

    "First off what a great guy Neil is...

    From the moment we met Neil for our first meeting we knew he was the right person to do our wedding ceremony. He made myself, now husband and our 2 children feel so at ease. He interacted with the children to let them know what a big part of the day they were going to play and be included which is very important to us.

    He took in all off what we were saying and scripted out something so beautiful but with some humour in there for good measure.

    Everyone commented on how great Neil was and to be honest he made the ceremony even more special, it was like having a friend there not just a somebody.

    Some of the touches that Neil added were amazing he gave us so many ideas/options in which we are so greatful.

    We would highly recommend Neil and again thank you so much for making our day extra special. Debbie"

    Kim & Bernie...bitten by more than the Love-bug

    23 May 2017 - Fairie Glen, Uig, Isle of Skye

    Tuesday's Skye elopement wedding...we were assailed by midges between soakings by the rain, after climbing through the rocky & muddy paths of the Fairy Glen at Uig on Skye; a bizarre and delightful miniature landscape of grassy, cone-shaped hills, the Fairy Glen (sometimes spelt Faerie Glen) is a mystical, fascinating and otherworldly place to elope to...but that's what Kim & Bernie did today and I was delighted to be part of their special day...congratulations to Mr & Mrs Blocher!😍💑🌧🇺🇲🇩🇪️...Kim's smile is as beautiful as her dress and Bernie was the coolest groom to date...and soon they'll be 3 ! 👶
    Thank you so much, Neil! It was unforgettable, and the ceremony was absolutely beautiful." Kim Kidwell
    Note to self; reconsider wearing kilt in midge country!
    Picture by Dylan Kitchener.

    the wedding of Lyndsey & Sandy

    13 May 2017 Bogbain Farm, Inverness...the bride had been counting down the months, weeks, day, hours, even the minutes...and NOW was the time. And then...

    Lyndsey and Sandy. Beautiful and excited bride, (forgot the Marriage Schedule!...a minor blip, we're flexible)...nervous but normally laid back groom = lovely couple. The new Mr & Mrs Leitch. I wore my late father's kilt for the occassion.
    "Neil u were amazing! The Ceremony was everything I expected it to be and more! Was so relaxed and funny and just felt perfect! Thankyou so much again for been part of our special day! Lyndsey Leitch"

    a giggling wedding throughout...😂😍

    29 April 2017 - a fun-filled wedding with laughs throughout for Laura & Ross at Lossiemouth

    it was a laugh-a-minute kinda day...bride Laura looked absolutely stunning, groom Ross was so relaxed, a lovely romantic ceremony with just a small group of family & friends...then the night time guests arrived in droves. I doubled as Master of Cermonies, everyone had a blast and the lovely couple loved every minute of it.

    "Just wanted to say thank you for all you did in making our day so much fun Neil...it was wonderful, everbody loved the ceremony. Laura"

    Wedding of Louise & Mark

    22 April 2017 - at Aswanley House, Huntly

    a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple in a beautiful setting - a great pair to work with, kept their ceremony loving and simple, intimate venue, family & friends loved it.

    "Thank you so much for last Saturday- independently, we both had so many compliments on the ceremony, people really loved that it was relaxed but both personal to me and Mark. I was so delighted with the whole day- it just passed far too quick." Louise

    Click on the link for the beautiful wedding video by Orchard Wedding Films, Peterhead; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5JhuvG1ync

    Cas & Mike's wedding

    16 April 2017 - Gruinard Bay beach, Wester Ross

    THIS is what's so great about doing Humanist weddings; a marvellous day out to Gruinard Beach, the rain stopped, the gale force wind abated and the sun came out...for the lovely Cas & Mike's wedding on the beach with stunning views and a wonderful backdrop. And Tanni's first wedding too! She was a good girl...had her special wedding collar on. Lovely couple, wonderful families & friends, gorgeous dress worn by the bride, rare single malt for the quaich toast...what more could you ask for?

    "We have to say, of all the fun and festivities over the last couple of weeks, our time on the beach is the best. That might sound obvious, but so many people have said their ceremony was over so fast, or they didn't remember it. But we remember the whole thing, perfectly. It was marvellous Neil, thank you." Mike

    wedding of Erin & Daniel (with slideshow)

    13 April 2018 - Cortes House, Fraserburgh


    I recently married this lovely couple who composed their own vows in their entirety; they read them to each other, holding hands and looking lovingly into each other's eyes...we had Shakespearian quotations, poetry from a Bridesmaid, 3 things the couple love about the other, symbolic gestures and this... (almost brought a lump to my throat)...(reproduced with their kind permission)

    "Daniel - you are the person I want to build my life with.
    You are a kind, loyal, passionate person who I love laughing with.
    Your friendship and unwavering support is something I know I can rely on through good times and bad.
    I promise today and always to share your dreams and help you achieve your goals, working with you and never against you.
    I will care for you as you care for me, sharing equally in the responsibilities we both bring to our marriage.
    I understand that marriage will not always be easy but promise to celebrate the highs and am committed to working with you through the lows.
    I cannot wait to continue life’s adventure with you by my side.
    It is with a joyous heart that I take you as my husband and pledge my whole heart to you in front of our friends and families.
    I Erin accept you Daniel, in marriage to be my lawfully wedded husband."

    "Erin - You are my best friend and the person who makes me the best that I can be.
    I will always believe in you and be your biggest supporter in all things, to help you achieve everything you want to in life.
    I promise to laugh with you, have fun with you, play games with you, dance with you and share all of the good things that we have ahead of us.
    And, when you are tired, I even promise to rub your legs when you need.
    I will love you whenever we are together, and when we are apart.
    I cannot wait for us to start the next chapter of our lives together, building a home and a family together, wherever in the world our journey takes us next.
    You are all I could ever want and I love you with all my heart - and I promise to always be by your side as we face life’s challenges together.
    I Daniel, accept you Erin, in marriage to be my lawfully wedded wife."

    Now isn't that just beautiful! 😍

    Thank you to David Grant Simpson for the pictures. Click on the link to view the beautiful wedding slideshow.






    Kristi & Robbie's wedding

    18 March 2017 - Drumossie Hotel, Inverness

    A lovely couple (they are just SO in love 😍)who put so much work into designing their own ceremony, with guests from Canada, Australia, the US and Cyprus. I believe there was even a few from deepest darkest Evanton! And Kristi was escorted up the aisle by her Mum Michelle to the strains of Ed Sheerin's Tenerife Sea. And a nice moment of reflection too.https://vimeo.com/209472118

    "Hi Neil, we can't thank you enough for such an amazing ceremony and a perfect day! It's a blur to me now it went so quick and I would do it all over again so would Kristi (I mean the wife)
    All the guests were telling us how great the ceremony was and we will all be recommending you! Will need to pop in and see you and this new puppy sometime!! Robbie "

    "Thank you so much Neil for marrying us, the ceremony was just what we wanted! Couldn't post this picture on your humanist page; just sums up our ceremony - lots of laughs! Everyone commented on how good it was. Thanks again, so much! Kristi"

    Howdy! & how ye' doin?😁

    14 February - Valentines Day - 2017 at Achagairn, Inverness

    Ashley and Kieran, Valentines Day wedding at Achnagairn. Super day, 🌞lovely weather, fabulous couple and a lovely ceremony with some unique and innovative symbolic gestures, lots of Scots & Americans, single malts, tartan = a perfect day for a lovely couple.

    "You performed a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony...thank-you for adding so much to this very special day! Nancy, (Mother of the bride) Oh and the scotch tasting was fabulous!" https://www.harperscottphoto.com/blog/2017/3/20/achnagairn-castle-wedding-photography

    Wedding of Dawn & David

    29 October 2016 - Tulloch Castle, Dingwall

    Atmospheric, spooky but a warm loving day at Tulloch Castle for the wedding of Dawn & David. The castlle is located in the town of Dingwall ad probably dates to the mid 16th century. Over the years, it has served as a family home for members of the Bain family and Clan Davidson, and Vickers family, as a hospital after the evacuation of Dunkirk and as a hostel for the local education authority.

    There have been several claims that Tulloch Castle is haunted. Visitors and hotel staff have reported witnessing apparitions in the form of a young girl and a middle aged lady. So it was perhaps appropriate that Dawn & David married on Halloween!

    "Neil recently conducted the wedding of my sister and the service was perfect. It was very personal and gave a great account of the happy couple. The whole service felt relaxed and was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance. Highly recommend Neil to anyone looking for a Humanist Celebrant to deliver any kind of service." Claire Smith

    Funeral for simply a nice bloke...


    "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely service you gave my dad yesterday, you spoke so eloquently about him, I think if you had met my dad the two of you would have got on, listening to all his stories and local historical knowledge. Love fee xx"

    it's always a honour to deliver a funeral tribute

    a lovely casket reflecting the lady she was; fun and cheerful.

    "A tall, elegant and quite beautiful woman, she had this quiet dignity about her…but was more often than not in wellies and smelling of the byre! As her son often said, she was never far from her farming roots."


    It may sound odd but I actually enjoy working with families to deliver a meaningful ceremony to give tribute to their loved one, especially when it helps to ease the pain, just a little.


    Dear Neil,
    Thank you so much indeed for all the help you gave us with my cousin Margaret’s recent funeral. We appreciated your help very much indeed.
    The preparation you put into it all, from doing the compilation of the Queen and Runrig tracks, through the bird song for the period of reflection, to the ceremony of remembrance and celebration of her life was greatly appreciated by her family and friends there.
    For some people there it was their first experience of a humanist service and through your preparation and consideration it was a positive experience for them and dispelled their apprehensions. .
    Once again thank you for all that you did. It was a great comfort to us at a difficult time.
    Kind regards,
    Katrina and family


    Dear Neil

    "I would like to thank you on behalf of my family and I for the lovley service you gave my dad John. It made a tough time more easier that we could laugh and joke and every one we spoke to afterwards said it was briliant and very fitting - so thank you very much. Pamela & family."


    Dear Neil, On behalf of the entire family I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all your work on behalf of mum. Your kindness, diligence and attention to detail made our loss a little easier and the Service of Remembrance very special. Having attended a Humanist Family wedding we knew the personal nature of the Service was what we wanted from the start but without exception all comments and remarks from those attending have been positive and declaring what a lovely Service it was. Whilst I appreciate it is what you do and the skill comes with your experience I am just wanting you to know how very special it was for us. Thank you, Evelyn and family"


    “I can’t thank you adequately for yesterday Neil. The ceremony was absolutely perfect – celebrated the happy times, the good times of my wife’s life and was commented on by everyone. And thank you especially for your warmth and understanding.”


    “Dear Neil, Just a short note to say that we very much appreciated the service for Mum this afternoon. We felt it hit exactly the right note. A lot of people came up to me at the reception to say that they thought it was a brilliant service and just right for her. So thank you very much indeed for that.”


    "Hi Neil,

    I just wanted to send on the family’s thanks for putting together and running such a lovely service on Friday for Grandma’s funeral. You really did make what is a very sad time that little bit better.Thanks again,

    Sonia (and family)"




    From one of the funerals I had today...

    M... who could shop for Scotland – loved visiting charity shops with her friend, all over Moray and as far as Inverness too. And while clothes shopping some years ago with one of her grandchildren, she said hello to someone as they passed in the shop; when asked who she was talking to, she said she couldn’t remember the lady’s name but she looked familiar. M... was speaking to herself in a mirror!

    No black at this funeral...

    17 October 2016 April 2016 -

    Mohan may have gone but the memories of this man are everlasting.

    A cultured, dignified, highly educated and ambitious man.

    An honourable man, a romantic.

    A loving husband, father, brother and son.

    A dedicated professional man who worked tirelessly to bring relief and a better life to others, respected amongst his peers.

    A man who reached the very top of his profession.

    And a flamboyant dresser...I wish I had known him.

    So I dressed accordingly, bow tie, colourful waistcoat, chinos...in his memory and in tribute to Mohan.

    "Your tribute was perfect - thank you Neil"

    Listen, there is this silence now...this stillness...

    03 July 2017 - two funerals. two special men.

    a couple of funerals yesterday, both equally important and both deceased equally significant. Peter, aged 99, married 51 years, lovely man, insisted on buying a watch at aged 95 years but it had to have a 5-year guarantee...'cos he was going to live to 100 ! He just missed his centenary by 9 months. An optimistic, forward thinking man. A great neighbour and wonderful surrogate Grandpa.
    And then Giles, really clever chap, wrote poetry, loved the outdoors, wandered the flow country of Caithness in his 70's, liked a dram, quite a character. Played "Roisin the Beau" by the Clancy Brothers at his funeral...listen to the words.
    Days like these make me realise how lucky I am to be part of the celebrations of their lives.
    I can not recommend this lovely man enough!!! Although we have been to other Humanist services, I'd never met Neil. This was our first funeral we had to organise for our dear Peter. At the grand old age off 99 we had a lot of life to cover but Neil summed it up nicely. Everyone has commented on how wonderful the service was. It was just perfect!!! Although Neil did not know Peter in person you'd never have known that. You have been a huge support to myself, Gary and the kids in our darkest days. Thank you ever so much
    . Neil, you did a fantastic job of Peter's funeral. He would have loved to meet you. x Amanda

    Baby Rayne - a chilled out, laid back, smiley and giggly little girl.

    Aged 9 months

    24 February 2018 at Forres

    Baby Rayne’s naming ceremony today. A very special ceremony. This gorgeous wee girl has not had an easy time of it recently but she was all smiles today as usual. Friends & family did readings, candles were lit and there was a lovely unity vase sand ceremony with pastel colours. All of the selected readings were simply beautiful...and we look to the future, give Rayne our best wishes, hopes and dreams for her...with a short extract from mum Karen's reading; " Now you're here to brighten up each day, And fill our life with happiness in so many ways. Every night I will stand your door, And tell you, Rayne, that I love you more. "Thank you for giving me the honour Karen Dawson

    Omg what a brilliant day Rayne's Naming ceremony was perfect, thank you so much Neil, everyone really enjoyed the ceremony. Glad she finally got her day. You were fab. Xxx Karen

    It was a perfect day and a beautiful ceremony Thank you Neil. Munchkin would not give in to sleep stayed up partying all day. She’s a wee 🌟 xxxxx Granny Beatrice Jamieson

    Little Alfie, not so little! - and with a BIG personality

    08 August 2016 - Alfie...aged 2 months

    Alfie is an alert and smiley little boy. He is a happy, contented baby and feeds really well and although he’s only 8 weeks old (by date of ceremony) his character is developing already. His smile and contentment make any lack of sleep worthwhile! His arrival has brought his parents closer as a couple and well, they simply love him to bits. "Neil, thanks so much for performing Alfie's naming ceremony, we all had a fantastic time. Thanks a million, Robyn & Chris."

    Arran's naming ceremony

    1 April 2017 - Edinburgh

    “What is a boy”?

    A boy is an explorer from his early days,

    Who finds fun and adventure in the most surprising ways.

    He’s a builder of Lego blocks,

    A climber of trees,

    A teller of jokes and stories,

    With a grin that’s sure to please

    He’s a friend of little creatures,

    Like puppies, frogs and bugs,

    He’s a player of almost any game,

    A winner of hearts and hugs.

    He’s a dreamer of great dreams,

    The futures hope and joy.

    He’ll bring you worlds of happiness,

    This wonderful little boy.

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    Charles Robert Darwin, FRS FRGS FLS FZS was an English naturalist and geologist, best known for his contributions to the science of evolution. And a Humanist.


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